Jesus Love Me~You Too!

by adustyframe ~ May 2nd, 2015
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How amazing to think how much He loves each one of us.


Toddler Food~ Breakfast Ideas

by adustyframe ~ April 28th, 2015

Here are some breakfast food ideas that the toddler likes.

*scrambled eggs and toast with jam

*plain yogurt with applesauce–sometimes granola sprinkled on top

*granola with almond milk

*french toast and fruit

*peanut butter toast


*oatmeal with yogurt and applesauce stirred in


*kefir smoothie, water, or almond milk to drink


**I make waffles, french toast, and oatmeal in bigger batches and freeze it. It makes breakfast much quicker. I also freeze leftover smoothie in cubes and defrost a few cubes the night before. 


Why Would We Stay In Bondage?

by adustyframe ~ April 22nd, 2015




In our class on Sunday, the discussion was a wrap up of our study of Galatians. The leader discussed our freedom in Christ and someone asked how do we live that out?

An example was given which involved jail—of course right?

As I sat there, I wanted to say something, but there were a lot of people in class that day that don’t know my story (as far as I know anyway) and I didn’t feel comfortable saying it out loud. Plus there’s always the threat of crying which happens whenever I share something about this.

The illustration was that Christ has freed us and our jail cell’s door is wide open. When we choose to stay in bondage to our sin, it’s like an inmate standing there looking at the open door and saying, “No I’m staying here.” Sometimes when we choose to sin instead of accepting freedom in Christ, it’s like we back into the corner of the open cell and totally ignoring that we could walk away.

What I would have said is this,

“As a person who has had their life touched by incarceration, I can tell you there are very (very!) few inmates who would knowingly and willingly stay in that open cell. Incarceration is devastating to the families and loved ones and to the inmate themselves. Why on earth would one choose to stay in a jail cell that they could freely walk out of at any moment?”

But isn’t that really what we do with our sin? Our bad habits? Our addictions?

Christ opened the door for us and paid for our freedom. Why on earth would we stay?

Galatians 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage


This Week’s Goals

by adustyframe ~ April 20th, 2015

My goals this week aren’t so exciting really.

I need to continue with the cleaning and organizing each room. I started in January and made some progress and then I kind of quit.

I need to wash the kitchen curtains and the shower curtain.

I plan to scrub the bathtub thoroughly.

I have some reading to do.

I hope to take a few walks with the baby in the stroller so I can count it as exercise.

I need to stay on my healthy eating plan.


And there you have it. Any goals for you this week?


This & That Chat

by adustyframe ~ April 17th, 2015

Chat #472? I don’t know I’ve lost track.

What’s going on around your house today?

Here the sun is shining and it’s actually quite warm!

Baby has had a sniffy nose for a few days and today it progressed to a nasty nose! I’m hoping he’s not getting something bigger than a little cold.

We have some errands to run, but he’s taking a long nap. He most likely needs a very long nap but we’re running out of time for the errand running here!

James has been enjoying a game called Spikeball. He heard about it from friends at church. One cool thing about the game is that the company sends you free replacement parts for as long as you own the game. It’s become quite the hit with his friends.  (**remember if you order from Amazon–anything not just Spikeball–pretty please use my link on the side bar!)

I’ve been not doing much other than the dailies. I haven’t knit in ages even though a friend ordered a hat that I haven’t even started!

I am reading some books though. I finally finished Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst. It was good. I also have some books for reviewing to get started on. I haven’t reviewed books for awhile and suddenly I have several to get done! (What was I thinking?)

I’m reading a Dee Henderson book for fun but it’s on my Kindle and I have no clue what the title is. It’s pretty good so far.

Baby continues to chatter up a storm and crack us up. He’s very much into walking into the house from the car like a big boy. He has never kept socks or shoes on so when I found out that he wants to walk in from the car, I’ve been using that to motivate him to keep his shoes on in the car. It’s working sometimes!

We’re looking forward to warmer weather. I have to figure out what I’m going to do with that weed patch that was my garden. I’m still going to plan of course, but I’m going to have to figure out some way to keep those weeds down. UGGG.


Broken Together

by adustyframe ~ April 12th, 2015
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This song makes me cry…….every time!

If you’ve been around my blog for any length of time, I’m sure you can understand why.
Have you heard it yet? Does it make you cry too?


Smoothie Bowl

by adustyframe ~ April 7th, 2015

I’ve instituted a new plan in the freezer!

I try to feed Nathan almost all organic fruits and veggies. It’s something that’s important to me–no worries if it’s not important to you.

The rest of us have what we can afford…sometimes it’s organic and sometimes it’s not.

Many days the little guy manages to chow down all the food I serve him but some days he eats like a bird.

Once in awhile, I’d save fruit for the next meal but if he refused it again, I’d throw it away.

The other day, I had a light bulb moment. 

I put a bowl in the freezer and when he doesn’t eat all his fruit, I put the bits in the bowl. When it’s enough fruit, I’ll add it to a smoothie.
No more wasting organic fruit!


Brown Sugar Bacon Chicken

by adustyframe ~ April 6th, 2015

I found a great recipe online the other day that I wanted to try.
I made it for dinner last night…..MMMM. Of course now I can’t find the link. I see Paula Deen had something similar done in bites if you want to look it up.

Basically all I did was:

*cut a chicken breast in strips.
* sprinkle with salt, pepper, and chili powder.
*spoon on a little brown sugar.
*wrap with bacon.

Bake until the bacon is crispy. I did 350 for about 45 min.
MMMMM It’s definitely a recipe we’re eating again!



by adustyframe ~ March 31st, 2015

Having a new baby gives me the opportunity to rethink my decisions on parenting and schooling.

It’s interesting to me my thoughts as I think through things I did for James and what I want to do or change for Nathan.

I am leaning toward more “unschooling” for the very early years but I’m not quite certain how that will look or if I’ll actually school that way. He’s very interested in books and language and copies James doing school work. Maybe he will be ready to jump head first into schooling right away and I’ll have to rethink my rethinking!

I thought about this tonight when I saw an article suggesting non-candy Easter basket ideas. I thought a new kiddo who’s not quite two is the perfect time to teach that Easter baskets mostly contain fun things rather than candy. However, James says he still wants an Easter basket so I suppose baby will eventually figure out that chocolate is a part of the basket.

I figure if I can keep that information from him as long as possible it’s all good.

I did cloth diaper and I’m nursing longer with this baby so those are some changes I made.

Will I be as protective or worried about things that can go wrong in a child’s life? Possibly–that’s an area I struggle with a lot. James was getting so much  bigger and advancing in Tae Kwon Do that I sort of quit worrying about him. I noticed when the baby was born, I struggled with fear and worry again. Ugggg!

So basically, I don’t know! HA! How’s that for a wrap up.

I just don’t know. Maybe I’ll do a lot of things differently and maybe I will not but I’m glad God gave us the opportunity to rethink everything again!


This Makes Me Insanely Happy

by adustyframe ~ March 27th, 2015




This little pile near my front door made me smile yesterday.

Big boy shoes and little boy rain boots and his rubber ducky. I’m not sure why the rubber ducky isn’t in the tub, but apparently it needed to be by the rain boots.

I’m so very thankful for my two precious boys. The one with tiny feet and the one with feet bigger than daddy’s feet!