This Makes Me Insanely Happy

by adustyframe ~ March 27th, 2015




This little pile near my front door made me smile yesterday.

Big boy shoes and little boy rain boots and his rubber ducky. I’m not sure why the rubber ducky isn’t in the tub, but apparently it needed to be by the rain boots.

I’m so very thankful for my two precious boys. The one with tiny feet and the one with feet bigger than daddy’s feet!


I Found A New Author

by adustyframe ~ March 23rd, 2015


Finding a new author is a good thing and a bad thing when you’re a book lover.

It’s a good thing because finding an enjoyable author is just so well…..enjoyable!

It can be a bad thing because you may already have a lot of books waiting to be read like I always do. And then when the author has written a lot of books it’s an automatic pile of books you want to read now that you didn’t even know about awhile ago!

This book was a Kindle freebie on one of the sites I follow. I was looking for a book to read after I finished a Terri Blackstock series and this one looked good on my Kindle.

Well, it was! I really liked the story and the characters. The plot was fast moving and a little heart stopping at times.

This story takes you along on a murder mystery but it’s a serial killer.
Samantha Cash is a computer expert for the FBI and she’s called in to help with the case. Detective Connor Wolfe is a single dad with a teenager who’s pulling away from him. His hours create a problem in their relationship but that’s not their biggest problem!

You’ll have to read to find out what it is.

I appreciated the elements of faith woven throughout the story. They were nicely written and didn’t come across as cheesy!

If you’re looking for a new author, check out Lynette Eason. If you have a to read pile a mile high then perhaps you should ignore this one.

**This review was just a review. I enjoyed the book and wanted to share it. No one provided me with anything**


You Never Know

by adustyframe ~ March 16th, 2015

Our little guy loves to talk and has been copying us lately saying, “You never know!” He’s pretty funny (and cute!)

I was thinking of things we never know the other day and thought it would be a good post.

I thought about the time before anyone knew what was about to happen in our lives. I remember walking through the grocery store feeling so empty and burdened. I thought that no one looking at me would know. They wouldn’t know what we were going through or what I was thinking or feeling.

I used to walk through our house and see our photos and memories lovingly displayed and wonder what anyone would think who came  in. They wouldn’t know what was hanging over us and what we were going to be going through.

There was 16 months between this day and the day Lee went to court. 16 very long months and no one knew but our pastor. During that time, I backed away from responsibilities and I became more and more withdrawn.

Most people didn’t understand and some people were very unkind to me. Looking back on it, perhaps we should have told everyone up front, but we didn’t even know for sure what was going to happen. We were just waiting.

But when I look back, I also want to say to some of the people “You didn’t know what I was dealing with” They never knew but instead of assuming that I didn’t want to fulfill responsibilities or that I didn’t care, I wish I had been offered mercy and grace.

I thought about another situation. Someone at church who is on the worship team is very demonstrative during music. A friend of mine visited one Sunday and later said to me, “I didn’t like all that arm waving. It looked like they were doing it for attention.”

Well, she and I were both raised in churches that didn’t really raise or wave arms and while I don’t raise my arms in worship, it doesn’t bother me if anyone else chooses to do so. But what my friend didn’t know?

That person had cancer and wasn’t sure of the prognosis at the time. Yet they were joyfully praising God not caring who didn’t approve.

The thing I want to remember and the thing I want you to consider is that you never know. You don’t know what the grumpy person at the store is going through. You don’t know what the person who rubs you the wrong way is going through. You don’t know why someone behaves the way they do unless you take time to find out.

I want to extend grace and mercy to people because I know how it feels when people assume things and act on their wrong assumptions. I’m not always good at this. I’m even feeling convicted as I type.

Do you have thoughts on this? How do you not assume or act on what you think is true of people? Any advice for me as I seek to please God more and more in this area?




God’s Sovereignty

by adustyframe ~ March 11th, 2015

Have you ever had to struggle with God’s sovereignty?

I have as most of you know who have been following along for years.

I can’t say that I can expound on it with any deep thoughts. I’ve had to come to the place where I know that He IS sovereign and work towards trusting Him and accepting what He does. Sometimes this takes me a long time as I shared here.

Here’s a great list of verses that talk about this topic.

I read this blog post yesterday and wanted to share it with you. Grappling with sovereignty


This & That Chat

by adustyframe ~ March 10th, 2015

Little guy is 20 months old. I didn’t take a photo of him with the teddy bear yet because he’s not feeling great right now.

Today, I realized that he’s almost to the age where I don’t count his age in days or weeks or months anymore. I noticed this rather sadly I may add.

We’ve warmed up a bit and I can’t say I’m complaining. James considers it summer and is already wearing shorts. For the non-teenage world, it’s not quite shorts weather though.

I failed the Laura Ingalls Wilder challenge I posted about at the beginning of February. I was waiting for the Pioneer Girl book to be reprinted and that hasn’t happened (or if it did I missed it!) and I just wasn’t interested in reading any of the other books I’ve already read. So, I just plain old gave up!

I did read the 4 book Restoration series by Terri Blackstock. WOW that was good! I can’t say I’m happy how it ended but it was definitely a good series to read. James has started on book 1 which is so cool to me. He doesn’t love reading but some of these books with something interesting happening have started to spark an interest in him. It’s also neat to read a “for fun” book with my kiddo and be able to talk about it. I love when he’ll say, “That book is getting good, Mom.”

I’ve not been cooking anything too exciting.

Knitting? Well, I always have something going on but I’ve not knit anything the past few weeks. One thing I was working on was  a winter hat for baby and now it’s almost too nice for winter hats. Oh well, it should still fit him next winter.

I started getting each room of the house cleaned and organized. But then we got busy and didn’t go back to the projects. I need to get that in gear again. I’m noticing cobwebs and dirty stuff and it needs to be taken care of!

I like to work on a section each day instead of tearing the entire thing apart and having a huge mess. It seems to be less stressful that way. So some days, I may pick one wall of a room and we clean it top to bottom. The wall, the baseboards, any things hanging on the wall, and any furniture or shelves on that wall. We made good progress in two rooms and then I fizzled!

Well, I have to get some packages ready to ship before baby wakes up. Since he’s not been feeling well, he’s mostly sleeping on me which is perfectly fine….I just can’t get much done!





by adustyframe ~ March 4th, 2015

For some strange reason, I thought about a midnight snack tonight.

When we moved to our new home in a new state for my dad’s new church, we stayed at someone’s house for a few days until the parsonage was ready.

I don’t know where the people were because it was just our family there. Someone had brought over food for us including a big pink layer cake with Life Savers all around it.

It was so pretty!

After we went to bed, my sister and I got up and went to the kitchen. I’m not sure how long after we went to bed our venture into the kitchen was but I think we had been sleeping.

My mom and dad were eating the pretty pink cake and my dad said, “Do you need a midnight snack?”

I never even knew there was such a thing as a midnight snack before then!

We got to eat cake at “midnight” (lol it could have been 9 pm who knows!) and for some reason I just think of that as a warm sweet memory.



From Outside The Frame

by adustyframe ~ February 28th, 2015

outside frame It’s been awhile huh? I don’t spend much time on Pinterest and I read blogs pretty quickly these days so I don’t find as many cool links but that’s ok!


Here’s what I have sitting around to share with you. Interesting facts about the winter Laura wrote about in The Long Winter.

Arm knitting tutorial have any of you tried this? I’m not sure I love it but I have one scarf idea I’d like to try. I think the loops are way too big to be durable for very long but I’m sure it has some good uses.


38 ways to revel in snail mail 


The Keeper Of The Prison

by adustyframe ~ February 23rd, 2015

Yesterday, in Sunday School, we watched a video series. I’ve really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I enjoyed the speaker and how he related to us.

The session yesterday dealt with Joseph and the speaker shared this verse.

Genesis 39:21

But the LORD was with Joseph, and shewed him mercy, and gave him favour in the sight of the keeper of the prison.

Then he said something like, “Wait a minute! If God is with you, you don’t know anything about the keeper of the prison.” He was being funny and everyone in the audience on the video laughed as did the people in our class.

What he said wasn’t wrong. He wasn’t making light of anything and we all know that Joseph was completely innocent. However, for some reason it made me tear up.

God can be with you even if you’re in prison because you’re totally at fault. God can show you mercy in prison and the keeper of the prison may respond favorably to you even if you’re there because you deserve to be.

Thinking about this again today, I just think it goes to show that there is still a wound. It’s still tender. I don’t know if it will always be tender. I don’t know if giggling about prison will always make me tear up.

I don’t know.

But I am so thankful that God shows mercy to those who may know the keeper of the prison even when they don’t want to know him! (or her).




by adustyframe ~ February 16th, 2015

Tonight, I was patting baby to sleep and I decided to pray while he was deciding he wanted to stay awake for a long time.

I was thinking of all the things going on in  the world. Horrible things. Evil things. Heartbreaking things.

I thought about things in the US that could very personally affect us and all citizens.

I thought of sad horrible stories friends have shared with me.

It’s so easy to feel overwhelmed by everything. It’s easy to be scared. It’s easy to be angry.

I know that I do not function well when I let fear and worry overwhelm me.

While I patted baby, I thought what do I need Lord? What do I need to pray for?

Then one of my favorite verses came to mind.

Isaiah 26:3, 4

You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You.

Trust in the Lord forever,
For in the Lord,  Jehovah is everlasting strength.


Til the Storm Passes By

by adustyframe ~ February 14th, 2015

YouTube Preview ImageI saw on Facebook this week that Mosie Lister died. One of the songs he wrote that I love is Til the Storm Passes By.


You can find the lyrics and Mosie Lister’s story here.