Not Enough Primer

by adustyframe ~ July 22nd, 2015

I’m reading a book I found at the Dollar Store called “Does This Church Make Me Look Fat?”  by Rhoda Janzen.

It just looked good. It’s been a funny, light read about a girl who grew up Mennonite, left the church, found a Pentecostal boyfriend, and came back to church.

Now, I’ll admit there are a few topics and some language–I picked it up with no reviews so I’m not necessarily promoting the book.

I admit being delighted to hear some of the ways God worked in her life and heart and helped her realize things about himself or Biblical principles. She writes in a funny way even though the topics are often serious…her breast cancer for example.

One chapter talked about her step son and his bedroom. He painted 50 different ways he loved his girlfriend all over the walls. When she dumped him (actually the girls father dumped him), he and his step mom painted over the declarations of love to help him move on.

She said the words kept bleeding through the paint and they painted at least 6 coats of primer over the words and yet they bled through.

She said one day she went in and attacked the walls shouting at them as if they were demon possessed. I giggled thinking about this. Her point was that often you have to very actively work on problems in your life.

I thought about Lee and I and our marriage. Sometimes things bleed through the paint and primer. I think we’ve worked on my hurt or anger or communication issues and things are great then suddenly when I look at the wall all the things are bleeding through that I don’t want to see (or deal with again).

Thankfully, the primer we use (prayer, dependence on God, keep working on things!) will eventually cover it all up and in the meantime, I’ll think about the lady crazily attacking the problem in her step son’s room and ask God to help us cover things better with each application.





The Weight ~Tellin’ The Truth Tuesday Revived

by adustyframe ~ July 14th, 2015

Tellin the truth Tuesday


I’ve been thinking of this post…..ugggh!

I lost a LOT of weight a few years ago. It was hard work and I was really motivated and happy.

I wasn’t at my goal and there was much flab on that body but I was happy that I finally made some progress.

Then, I got pregnant. That baby was the result of much prayer and a very long wait and I’m beyond thrilled that God gave him to us!

But the weight…..oh the weight! I didn’t eat to support the rapid weight gain and it was super discouraging. Toward the end of the pregnancy, I gave up! Since I was trying to eat right and gaining anyway (not a little weight by the way) I decided to give up and eat what I wanted to anyway.

I’m sure that didn’t help matters!

Then there was the severe complications after birth that knocked me flat for quite awhile.

I’m nursing (still….that’s another answer to prayer although the prayer is becoming more “Ok when will this guy be done, Lord?!”) and I’m not a lose-weight-while-you-nurse kind of girl.

I had some health set backs over the past year and am still having some. A lot of exercise is just impossible.

I had started Trim Healthy Mama but have quit for a LOT of reasons. (yes, I did it “right”…yes I know some moms lose great while nursing and on THM…yes I know……) If you want to know why I really moved on from it you can send me an email. If I recognize your name as a regular around here, then I’ll let you know my reasons. If I don’t recognize you, I probably won’t.

I’ve been doing some intermittent fasting which is at least getting the scale moving a little bit downwards. My clothes are fitting better and some got too big. I’ve not dropped a zillion sizes or anything and most of the time I look in the mirror and feel sick.

Whenever little guy is done nursing, I’m going to do some “real” dieting but for now, I’m just working on being healthy and mindful.

I hate this weight gain more than I did when I weighed more in the beginning of my journey. I think it’s because I know how great I felt and how confident I was at a much lower weight. That’s what keeps me from totally giving up and going hog wild!

I have kept some of the positive changes from my weight loss.

*I try to wear clothes that I feel pretty in even if I don’t look pretty in them (ha! I have photos to prove this…..)

*I get in the pool and wear my swimsuit in public (sometimes). When James was small, I NEVER (EVER EVER EVER!) wore my swim suit around other people.

*I realize that my emotions and feelings are fine to have and express even though I’m fat.

*I am honest with myself when I overeat or eat junk. I don’t make up stories in my head about it or pretend I didn’t eat it.

I saw this article online the other day and it struck a cord.

She put on a lot of weight

I have to admit something ugly here…in the past if someone lost a lot of weight and gained it back, I was a little happy about that. “See!!! they didn’t have it all figured out.”

Now, that I’m the one who lost a lot and gained a lot back, I’m wondering what kind of horrible person was I to even think something like that! I think a lot of the being bothered more by this weight gain now is that it’s embarrassing to have gained a lot back.

So, there you have an honest “where I’m at” post today.

Anyone else struggle with this?


Lord I Need You

by adustyframe ~ July 11th, 2015

I wake up many (MANY) mornings singing this song.

Every single minute and hour I need the Lord! What about you?

YouTube Preview Image Lizzie

Mexican Chicken & Quinoa

by adustyframe ~ July 7th, 2015


I wanted to try something a little different recently and came up with this. It’s probably not terribly original but it was sure yummy!

Here are my unscientific directions:

Place chicken breast in a glass baking dish–add a little bit of water to the dish (1/4 – 1/2 c),  Sprinkle with cumin, salt, pepper, chili powder, and garlic powder (to taste)

Slice an onion, a red pepper, & a green pepper. Lay veggie slices over the chicken breast.

Bake 350 F until chicken is done. Then turn up the heat a little 400 for a few minutes to “grill” the veggies. Keep an eye on it and remove when veggies look done to you.

Meanwhile, cook quinoa according to package directions.

Slice chicken breasts into strips and stir chicken and veggies together. Serve over quinoa and top with cheddar cheese and cilantro. A sprinkle of salt and squeeze of lime juice is heavenly!


Mmmm! A little like chicken fajitas with a lot less work.





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Happy Fourth of July

by adustyframe ~ July 3rd, 2015

Happy Fourth of July!!

We’re having a low key day.Lee should be home sometime on the 4th. ..yeah!


What are you doing?  Stay safe!



by adustyframe ~ June 26th, 2015

A few weeks ago, my husband surprised me with a weekend getaway for the two of us.

AHHHH! It was wonderful. We hadn’t gone away together since before I was pregnant with Nathan. It was much needed and long overdo.

I’m wondering how we can figure out another one asap!

He planned all the details and I didn’t suspect a thing. He took care of someone to watch the boys too. All I had to do was pack.

He kept each part of the weekend secret until it was happening and he picked all my favorite things to eat and a neat place to stay.

I was pretty proud of him.

He’s not a super mushy type of guy but he can be awfully romantic now and then.


Our anniversary was another time to consider how far God has brought us and how thankful I am that we made it. Of course we have work to do and maybe will for a long time but I’m thankful to be celebrating another year married to my husband.


Mothers In Prison

by adustyframe ~ June 21st, 2015

I’ve read a few articles about mother’s giving birth behind bars and what happens.

Thinking about giving birth while incarcerated and possibly losing time with your brand new baby, breaks my heart. I’m so thankful our incarceration didn’t involve me!

Here’s an article that’s much more in depth than many I’ve read and perhaps you’ll find it interesting as well.

Prison Born


It’s easy–even for me–to read this and think, “well you shouldn’t have done this and maybe if you had done that.” Think about that baby though! It’s not their fault their mother messed up and those early days are so important. I’m glad that some states are looking into options for these families.

What did you think after you read it?


Patriotic Toddler Activities

by adustyframe ~ June 17th, 2015



Now and then, I have been getting some fun activities together for Nathan to do something different. I’m going way back to my preschool teaching years and thinking of some themed things for him to do.

Fourth of July is one of my very favorite holidays, so I gathered a few red white and blue things for him. I don’t leave these things out all the time mostly because they have lots of pieces or as you can see from the shoe box above rice!

It’s more fun for him when I bring them out for a change of pace.

He enjoyed digging through the rice. We lay out a sheet and then he and I sit down and he plays. The patriotic things in this bin are just heavy duty stickers which is weird for a rice bin but I couldn’t find other little things so I put them in there. He had fun digging through the rice finding the pieces.

The red rice was from Valentines day so I added that along with plain white rice and some that I colored blue. It won’t take more than a couple times for all the rice to be mixed up but that’s ok.

I discovered that regular rice colors much quicker than instant rice. I felt like the instant rice took forever to work the color into it and the regular rice colored in seconds.

**my super easy non-scientific method of rice coloring is as follows: Put rice in a bag, splash in some rubbing alcohol (a bit not a ton) and color and smoosh it all up! Then I lay it in a pan and let it air dry. **

Now, please don’t feel like I’m putting pressure on you to do all these things if you have little ones. The last time I got together some themed things for him was Valentines day and while I intended to do something for Easter and something for St Patrick’s day (just love the fun green stuff), I didn’t get it done and I didn’t stress about it. I was just “in the mood” and so gathered these things.

I also bought him 3 little American flags and a patriotic pinwheel that I set in a bucket for him. We had a couple books about the flag or America and I put those with the flags.

The last fun thing I did was make a felt flag kit. It keeps him busy for quite awhile.  This one is super easy. I cut a piece of white felt in 1/2, cut a blue rectangle, and red stripes! Anyone can do this one. I promise!

I store it in a zip pencil pouch that I got at Walmart for $1.


Baby is loving his American flag things and I hope it will help him be excited for the holiday.

Next up is things for his birthday. I found a little plastic birthday cake at the thrift store that looks like perhaps an edible arrangement came in it? I’m going to put the books and activities I find in there for him. I have a Clifford birthday book and another book that is about a party. I’m considering making this felt activity if I get enough gumption (or remember to get the felt when I’m at the craft store!)

I found a wood cupcake and candle set at the thrift store tonight, so I’ll let him have that with his birthday activities. I’m not sure what else. I’ll have to see what I can find.

Some days, I let him have all the things for that theme and some days it’s just one thing or two. Then I put them away so that we don’t lose them and so that they stay special.

When we’re done with this, I’ll put these in a bin in the basement for next year.

If you have a toddler, know a toddler, or just want to peek, I’ve pinned some neat toddler ideas on this Pinterest board.

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Gardening Break

by adustyframe ~ June 9th, 2015

garden 11

This crazy weed patch that was my garden last year drove me nuts! I even said it was a Pinterest fail. I was so excited to finally have room for a big garden and I had all sorts of ideas in my head to make it the most charming garden in town!


It was horrible. Between my health challenges and a little guy, it was just too much and it got away from me and I ended up barely caring. I cared how ugly it was and felt much embarrassment over that but I just couldn’t deal with it.

This year, I was wondering what I was going to do to keep it from looking so horrible. I still have a little guy and I still have some health challenges and while I enjoy gardening and fresh produce, I was a little worried about how I was going to keep it all together this year.

Lee decided to rearrange some things in the yard and build up some low areas with fresh dirt. So, we’re in the middle of a torn up lawn and grass seed trying to grow. I told him I’d skip it this year.

I have a few twinges here and there of “oh no no tomatoes!” “Oh no no (fill in the blank)…” but overall I’m actually quite relieved to have this huge chore off of my plate for this year.

I need to run to my favorite garden center and grab some basil. I think I’m going to add a strawberry plant or two to my little strawberry patch and we’re hoping to add some other berry plants. I have cilantro and oregano coming up from last year and I guess that’s going to be about it.

I’m thankful I have friends who garden and I’m sure in a few weeks, they’ll be begging me to take their zucchini! Our city has a wonderful farmer’s market so I know I can find goodies there.

There’s always next year right?


22 Months

by adustyframe ~ June 3rd, 2015


 blog 22 m web

This picture pretty much sums up this little boy. He’s so funny and is constantly making us laugh.

He’s a little chatter box and a huge copy cat. He loves making us laugh and often does it with the things he says.

He thinks his big brother is the best thing ever. He loves brother to “spin circles”. James holds him and they both spin around and then laugh at themselves being dizzy.

He loves “go backyard”. He thinks the park is super cool.

When I got the teddy bear out to take a photo, he sat on the bear, laid on the bear, threw the bear, and then played peek a boo with the bear.

He  wanted me to “take picture feet”.

feet web



He loves books. He sits down and looks at them by himself, but he  loves to be read to as well. He laughs and giggles over the pictures or silly sentences. The other day in the car he was saying, “red shoe blue shoe, oops!” from a Sandra Boynton book. The “oops” book cracks him up.

I’m so wishing that he wasn’t growing so fast and yet he’s so delightful.

I still marvel that God chose to bless us with this little guy and I’m so thankful that I get to be his mommy.