On His Way Home

by adustyframe ~ February 17th, 2017

My husband should be home in the next couple of hours. Yeah!

I shared all the things I love to do for him when he’s on his way home to show him honor–like clean the toilet, have his favorite foods on hand, etc.

Well, I have been SICK since Tuesday night. I’m so exhausted and I’m blowing my nose constantly and my eyes look like a creature from the lagoon (or swamp?) UCK!!!!!

So, I haven’t been able to pull anything together. The house can attest to that one–especially since the 3 year old is not low on energy.

To honor him, I didn’t drink all the Caribou coffee haha! Seriously though. It’s soooooo good and he drinks coffee like crazy. This morning, I had a little selfish thought that I’d put that away until he left because it will be gone in a couple hours at the rate he drinks coffee.
But since I can’t do anything else to prepare for his homecoming tonight, I wanted to save some for him. You know I would have saved it for him even if I could have done everything else 😉


Bible Memory

by adustyframe ~ February 12th, 2017

In our Sunday School class today, the speaker taught about Bible memory and suggested a simple way to help memorize verses.

I need to work on memorizing a passage so I’m sharing the tips here.

  1. Read the passage aloud 3 times
  2. Write the passage as you read aloud 3 times
  3. Read what you wrote aloud 3 times
  4. Do this daily for a week and ask someone to listen to you.

You should have the passage almost completely memorized at that point.

Are you memorizing a passage right now? Share it please!


A Little British

by adustyframe ~ February 6th, 2017

I think that Nathan and I are are a little British!

He adores Peppa Pig and has borrowed quite a few words from their vocabulary. He uses a torch to see (flashlight)….enjoys going on the lift (elevator)….and talks about tomahtoes (tomatoes of course). He also found a new one called Sarah & Duck about a little British girl and her duck.

I enjoy The Crown, Call The Midwife, and Downton Abbey as well as Jane Austen and many other British books.

Hmmm……..Susanna, do you have room for us? I think we need to make a move!

Do you enjoy any British books or shows?


Something To Remember

by adustyframe ~ January 30th, 2017

This song has been going through my mind lately.

What is going on in the world and our country is important and I think we should be engaged and informed. But sometimes (often) that can lead to a feeling of unrest.

It’s important to remember that He is king of the world.

YouTube Preview Image



Tellin’ The Truth……Thursday!

by adustyframe ~ January 26th, 2017

Tellin the truth Tuesday


Wrong day but we can make it work……


I’ve been working on losing weight since the little guy was born. I had significant health issues and while I was being disciplined and following a plan that is “all the rage” and apparently the only correct way to lose weight these days (insert eye roll….) nothing was happening.

It’s easy to get discouraged when you’re following “the rules” and nothing happens.

Last summer, I started eating low carb again. That was the bulk of my success pre-baby and I think my body just works better that way.

But again nothing much was happening.

In October, I worked on changing my eating to moderate protein and carbs only from veggies and very limited dairy. I cut out quite a few things that are technically “low carb” but were probably not doing me any favors.

The good news is that I’m finally making progress and feeling much better!


I’m also finding it very easy to stick with it so I’m happy.

What about you? Any health goals?


Treasures In Darkness

by adustyframe ~ January 19th, 2017

Yesterday, in Bible study, the teacher shared this verse. I never remember hearing anything taught about it and obviously when I read it, it didn’t soak in.

But I love it. I think it describes exactly what happens when we endure trials. There are treasures in the dark places and a wonderful benefit of trials is realizing exactly who God is.

Isaiah 45:3
And I will give thee the treasures of darkness, and hidden riches of secret places, that thou mayest know that I, the LORD, which call thee by thy name, am the God of Israel.


This & That

by adustyframe ~ January 12th, 2017

We are cleaning up after Christmas. I think I’m down to just putting away the ornaments and the tree.
I’ve also been cleaning and decluttering. Of course that’s an all day every day project.
I’m happy that the entire back of the car is full of stuff to take to the thrift store. Just have to keep working on that project!

I’m reading a little but not crafting anything right now.

Lee should be home tomorrow or tonight. Yeah.

What about you? What are you up to?


My Friend

by adustyframe ~ January 7th, 2017

The other day, my friend said, “I haven’t ever heard you say one bad word about your husband.”

That blessed me and made me think how important it is to be careful of our speech.

There’s bad I could say when you think of what we’ve gone through but there’s bad that can be said of me too!

I’m thankful that God has helped me guard my speech and thankful my friend shared that with me.


Merry Christmas

by adustyframe ~ December 24th, 2016

Merry Christmas from our family to yours. I’m so thankful that there is no Christmas eve prison visiting this year. I’m more than happy to have those days in our past.

We are having a very quiet calm laid back Christmas as home.

What are you up to (or what did you do if you’re reading later)?


Here are two Christmas staples on this blog. I’ll just post the links instead of another repost.

Christmas Eve At The Prison

A Vintage Christmas Treat–a wonderful story of God’s provision in unlikely circumstances.


Christmas Treats

by adustyframe ~ December 22nd, 2016

What kind of Christmas treats do you make?

In the past, we’ve done lots of treats but James is trying to get “buff” and I am eating low carb. Lee is one of those blessed people with a very minimal sweet tooth. So, we don’t make a lot and we don’t start early in December.

So far this year, we have only made these  low carb shortbread cookies which I think are quite tasty. I did replace 1/2 the vanilla with almond extract and add some lemon zest.

James is an expert at these  “Christmas Crack” candies and will make some to enjoy and share when we celebrate family Christmas.

I’m considering making a tiny batch of roll out cookies so that Nathan and I can have the fun of making them together.
What goodies are must haves for you?