by adustyframe ~ August 28th, 2006

Because of all of this stress, I have taken a break from ministering.

Not totally–I still have done several things. I just had to step away from ministries that required weekly service.

I was (and am) so tired and so full of hurt that I needed to soak up the Word and not be in a place of continual giving.

I had nothing to give and needed so much.

Our church has been gracious giving me space and mostly allowing me to step back from serving.

Things are being reconfigured and helpers are needed.

I looked over the sheet of needs. I felt panicky as I contemplated AWANA (weekly), Sunday School, (weekly), Jr Church (weekly), but I can do nursery.

I can serve the little ones without a weekly commitment. So I offered to help once a month.

It still makes me anxious. I have so enjoyed sitting in the services and being able to just concentrate on the Word.

I’m not sure if I can even explain how impossible it is to give when every pore in your body oozes grief and hurt.

It wasn’t that I had a rebellious selfish heart. I was wounded and needed to recuperate.

I know that I can do this helping in the nursery. I am just hoping that people will not pressure me to do more than I can.

I hope that I can serve and be usable and not be questioned why I’m not doing more.

I think sometimes that people think I should “get one with it” or “good grief girl it’s been almost 2 years” but the grief is still fresh and the ability to give is still limited.

I just have to trust that God can take my tired wounded self and use my small sacrifice to honor Him.


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  1. Prayer Sister

    It is among God’s people that there should be the greatest effort to understand, encourage, support & “back off”. I’ll be praying that you don’t get pressured into doing more than God wants you take on right now.
    There is no, “it’s been ## years, get on with it,” there is only, “you are living in this situation.”
    Again, I’m praying.

  2. adustyframe

    Thank you Prayer Sister.

    Sometimes it’s hard to communicate with others how hard this is. I guess if they don’t know they just don’t know.

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