All things positive

by adustyframe ~ September 12th, 2006

Just wanted to post a positive post.

Many of these aren’t just sugar posts. I think you can see that. This time in our lives is not a happy time and the trials, struggles, and learning is not sugar sweet.

However, God didn’t promise us a life of all sweet, so for me to pretend it’s all sugar around here would be hypocritical.

I don’t think a life full of “sugar” would amount to much.

Sugar alone cannot make a cake, or cookies, or anything actually. All on it’s own it’s gritty, hard to digest, too sweet to taste good in any quantity. Sugar alone rots teeth and breaks down immune systems.

Add chocolate, some flour, and egg and now we’re talking right? (that’s a post for another day I’ve been meaning to write)

So I do not expect a life of only good. However the incredible sweetness of God meeting our needs, and blessing us with His presence and constant reminders that He knows are blessings that I have come to love and depend on.

Being aware that He is here with us and that He is working this out for our good is a very sweet blessing indeed.


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  1. Ellen

    I have a friend who says that life is a testing ground, not a resting ground. It’s in the rough places that we grow.

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