Maintaining Family Ties

by adustyframe ~ September 22nd, 2006

We send a lot of letters.

I send art work, papers from church, information about our daily happenings.

My husband has made up worksheets for our son to do. He also sends paper airplanes, origami animals, sketches, and cartoons.

For awhile they were playing tic tac toe by mail.

We talk on the phone as little as possible, it’s a very expensive call.

We have piles of letters. Some of them make me cry and some are very sweet. Someday I think we will read through these and see God moving in our daily lives.

So it is surely not the best way to forge family ties, it’s what works for now.


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  1. Susanna

    When we started ‘courting’ my now husband and I were rarely in the same place. In fact, we were apart the day after he ‘asked me out’! I was at Uni and on placement, or a home with my parents, and he was in Devon.
    We wrote lots of letters. Somehave been consigned to the bin, but most of them are tied up with a ribbon under the bed. They make interesting reading and are great for reminding us where we ave come from and where we are now.
    They were an excellent way to get to know each other, to express how we felt about issues and to show we cared and were thinking of each other. I do miss getting letters from him!

    It sounds like your husband is in a new phase of life, changing daily by the grace of God. May your letters be a record of a time that, although at times unbearable, is a time of learning and growing and plans for the future (whatever that may be)

    And one day you’ll have to pop across the pond and laugh at my silly letters!

  2. Amy

    Your hubby sounds like a gem of a man whose life has been turned around for the better by the Lord. Good for him! At least he’s still communicating with you and your son thru other ways.

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