I told my parents

by adustyframe ~ September 25th, 2006

I’m sure that sounds horrific to you that they did not know.

I did not tell them. I chose not to–there were a lot of reasons. Some personal to me, and some personal to things going on in their own lives. I didn’t feel like unloading on them when they were going through such awful things in their own lives.

Then we thought this was going to be over several months ago.

They also live very far away from here and no ability to know that my husband was not in our home.

I sent an email. I have not heard back yet.

I am sure this will hurt them very much just because it’s bad news. Then because their child didn’t tell them for so long.

If you read this today, please pray for them. Pray for me too. It’s definitely a huge burden lifted. God is working in all of us, I pray he will send comfort and peace too.

**Update already. I opted to send my dad an email. I wasn’t strong enough to speak on the phone to him. He thanked me for not telling him sooner because as he said it was “hell and back last year”

He said he loves me and he will help me if he can. I so needed to get that burden off my shoulders.


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  1. Amy

    A problem shared is a problem halved and it sounds like you picked the right timing 🙂

  2. Susanna

    Daddy’s are great aren’t they 🙂 I remember when I lost a baby phoning to tell my Mum. She hadn’t known I was pregnant and she said ‘why didn’t you tell me?’. It was actualy early on which I why I hadn’t said. But the time for sharing information is not always ‘now’.

  3. adustyframe

    Susanna thanks so much for saying that the time to share isn’t always immediate!

  4. PrayerSister

    Susanna, How wise

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