Love in an Apple pie

by adustyframe ~ October 28th, 2006

** Journal entry from 2004.

Encouraging people makes me happy. I used to write cheery little notes to friends.
I’d spend hours decorating little cards, writing notes, praying for my friends.
I didn’t do these things for attention. I just wanted to encourage and remind them of God’s goodness.
I haven’t done much encouraging lately. I still want people to know of God’s goodness. I am just too tired to think about what other people need. That sounds awful as I write but it’s the truth!
I need every drop of encouragement I find.
My heart is so dry and tired and sore. When I read God’s Word or hear a beautiful song, I soak it all up and there is nothing overflowing to share with anyone else.
For my child, I force out. He’s so important to me! Encouraging him, helping him that’s not a chore. Encouraging others is just too hard right now. I’m not sure what I have to offer them anyway.
I would never ask anyone to encourage me! But some days I need it so much. I grab at anything. Many times I know the Lord sends me little encouragements in the form of a verse that stands out, a phrase of a song on the radio, a big hug from my son.
People at church are starting to know the general situation and one lady knows the particulars. She checks on me pretty often.
One Sunday morning, she came and sat with me. She only asked how I was doing.
The tears bubbled up inside of me and I cried the entire service.
Sometimes, I think I don’t want people asking me how I am or what they can do because it makes me cry.
Crying embarrasses me. Then I feel like I’m all open for everyone to see. I do not like that feeling.
So I go back and forth between wanting to stay to myself and wishing I had some encouragement.
The weeks after my husband’s sentencing, I felt like I was drowning.
One night as I laid in bed I realized not one person had asked me if I was doing okay.
“Lord, I need something to encourage me. I am NOT ok!”
I felt silly for even being grouchy that no one had asked how I was. How could I even bring attention to the fact that no one had checked on me? Pointing it out would do nothing but make them feel badly.
I gave it to the Lord and went to sleep.
The next morning as I went about my day, I didn’t even remember my prayer the night before.
My son and I went about our busy day and I rushed off to work.
In the early afternoon, a lady from church came in.
“I was thinking of you today. I made you an apple pie.”
It felt like a hug from God. “See, I hear you. People love you.”
I was so encouraged and I thanked God for showing me that he knows my needs.
Shortly after that, the lady who knows more of our details came in to talk with me.
God gave me a double portion that day.
No detail of my life is too small to escape his notice.
He even sends love in an apple pie.


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  1. Dana Wilson

    You have greatly encouraged me. I so appriciate real people and your blogging is real, right down where we live. God bless you as you endevour to serve him.

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