How we involve Daddy with school

by adustyframe ~ October 31st, 2006

It’s late. I’m too tired to come up with a better title!

Since my husband is behind bars, he’s unable to be a participant in our schooling.

However, he is still the head of our home and I want him to feel like he’s a part of this.

To make sure he’s part of all this first and foremost, we pray together about school.

He told me today that his Bible study group prayed for me and homeschooling last night. To hear my husband say he prayed for me is something I’ve waited for for many years.

I run decisions by him. Earlier this year when I was stressing over the start of homeschooling, I told him maybe we should send our son to school.

He reminded me that homeschooling was our plan long before we had a child. His quiet background support in this decision to continue with our plans strengthens me in my resolve.

I print out the report from Homeschool Tracker every couple weeks and send him everything we’ve been doing. He comments on things to me and it reminds me to tell him this or that.

He makes worksheets for our son. Letters to copy. Simple math problems.

Then our son does the pages and we send them to daddy to get graded. Daddy sends them back with 100% and big smiles drawn on the pages.

Then the child made up a math sheet for dad and  gave him a grade of 0% and much giggling. (Poor daddy!)

I tell him the books we’re reading. He tells me ideas he reads in books or magazines.

So it’s not ideal. Not by a long shot. And yet we’re making it work. I’m involving him. He’s taking his role as head of the family seriously. And our son is learning and being loved.

A winning proposition I do believe.


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  1. PrayerSister

    I admire the choices you are all making right now.
    Much prayer

  2. Susanna

    He sounds like he is more involved than many a ‘present’ husband. Do you work and home school? How do you manage it?

  3. Scott W. Somerville

    God bless you, dear sister. I’ve highlighted your answer over at You are an example to me.

  4. The K-Dad Network

    How Dads Participate in Homeschooling

    Spunky got tons of answers to her questions on how dads participate in homeschooling–including one from a mom whose husband is in jail. That family is an example to all of us.

  5. christy

    I’m praying for you today. You are doing an incredible thing in involving your husband in the homeschooling process. He has quite a blessing in you.

  6. Kristin

    I found your blog from Spunky’s Carnival of Homeschooling. I browsed through your blog a little, but wanted to know if you’ve read the book, “When I Lay My Isaac Down.” I cannot remember the author’s name. It’s a book written by a mother whose newlywed son ends up in jail. I learned a lot from that book, and your blog has reminded me of it. I will pray for you.

  7. Elizabeth

    You are a true inspiration! Continue to move forward with your head up high. (My brother’s wife is going through a similar situation.) You are an amazing mother. Your children will thank you for allowing them to have an active father in their life. Isn’t that what every child wants amd needs? GOD BLESS!

  8. Rich Kahn

    This is quite the inspiration. I found this site via an email from the HSLDA. I am Jewish. One thing you might be interested, even though it doesn’t relate to homeschooling, is a documentary film made by my sister-in-law on how Jews who are incarcerated practice their faith behind bars. If you are interested in knowing more, you may contact me via this email, or via the website in my profile.

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