by adustyframe ~ November 27th, 2006

The Carnival of Beauty’s topic this week is the beauty of surprises.

We had a wonderful surprise last summer.

My husband called on a Sunday morning and said that he was being transferred and that we were supposed to come pick him up.

This was a super cool blessing for us. I know that state only cared that we saved them however much money the transport would cost the government, but it made our day.

When we picked him up he would have exactly 1 hour to report to the new facility or he’d be in considerable trouble.

We went to pick him up and sat outside for what seemed like hours. Then the door opened and there he was.

Tears were pouring down his face and he hugged us with a death grip.

We knew we only had an hour, so we determined to make the best of it.

Just the chance to touch him. To hug him. To get a kiss.

My son was all over him.

We got to the new facility, and with heavy hearts sat down to wait for them to call him.

It was Sunday and they were in no hurry. So our hour together became 2.

Although sitting in the jail waiting to hear my husband’s name called isn’t quite on my top 10 list of favorite things to do. It was something. A tiny reprieve from our reality.

So we sat and chatted and held hands and teased with a little boy. Pushing far away from our minds what we were actually doing.

The door opened.

The guard called his name.

Hugs and kisses all around.

Brave faces.

We drove home. I felt sobs trying to push their way up but I put on a brave front for my son. Truly these 2 hours were a precious gift from God and we were going to be thankful!

My brother and his girlfriend were with us that day. They said I seemed to be handling it well. (That’s only because they were there. I knew I would pour out the sobs later when no one was watching me.)

They helped me clean out the pool, mow, and straighten the yard.

We were chatting and laughing. I was just trying to be thankful for the short visit with my husband.

The back gate opened and into our yard walked my husband.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?!” I yelled. My first thought was that he had run away and now we were going to face terrible consequences.

He said that the guard let him go. He didn’t have a correct paper and they could not accept him without it. The facility where he was transferred from didn’t have it either. It was Sunday and no one seemed to care about it very badly.

Could this be God? Could he have known how very badly we just needed a few hours to pretend we were a family again?

So we had a whole afternoon and evening together.

On Monday, no one had an answer either. On Tuesday, he was told to report on Wednesday morning.

So God gave us almost 3 solid days. Days in which we were able to connect again. Days that my son could touch his daddy and remember how very much his father loves him.

The system would classify this as a mistake but we know that it was a very special surprise that God planned for us.

We look back at those days with very special memories. Something to tuck away in our hearts. Just a small blip in all of this, but a much needed break from the stress that being separated causes us.

We wish that such a “mistake” could be made again, we’ve even joked about it. But it showed us how much God cares about what we need.

I will take a surprise straight from the hand of God anyday!


3 Thoughts Shared to Surprises

  1. Patricia

    I can only imagine what a wonderful surprise that was for you and your son. What an amazing gift!

  2. Chel

    What a beautiful surprise. You’re right… God gives us what we need when we need it.

  3. Susanna

    That is awesome! Our God is indeed a great God. The God who gave you that surprise is the God who knows just what you need.

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