Today was a hard day

by adustyframe ~ November 28th, 2006

I struggled all day with something someone said to me.

It was not true and was not nice. It hurt.

I was near tears for much of the afternoon. I prayed and decided that I will just ask God to deal with their heart. If anything is said again, I will pray for wisdom to confront the comments at that time.

I hate confrontation.

We put up the Christmas tree this weekend. This afternoon, my son and I did a lot of decorating. I’m sure that helped the teary feeling. Facing our first Christmas totally apart.

My husband called tonight, and I sobbed through the whole call. That doesn’t help him and I tried not to. I just needed him so much tonight. I  am thankful that we can speak on the phone once in awhile. It’s just totally not the same as having him home.

He said I should just remember the times when I didn’t love him and how awful he used to be. Then maybe I wouldn’t miss him.

He was teasing of course. That wouldn’t help anyway because he is no longer that man and has not been for a long time.

If he came home tonight, it wouldn’t be a minute too soon.


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  1. Patricia

    (((((Hugs))))) I’m so very sorry that someone hurt you with their words. I, too, absolutely hate confrontation and remember many years ago when I was forced to confront my very best friend about something she was saying. She kept saying…”I don’t know how any one could ever…….” and it just so happens that in my life before Christ, the …….. that she was talking about, was something I had done. I finally had to confront her….tell her just how someone could……, and then tell her how much it hurt me to hear her make that statement. She never said it again….and it was a HUGE lesson for me. In the years since, I have tried to remember just how much it hurts when people make those kind of remarks. I can’t wait to read your post when your husband does come home! Love and prayers ~ Patricia

  2. Robin

    Praying for that man of yours to come home in God’s time. Don’t you just love it when “well meaning people” stick their noses into your business and *think* they are helping you by saying something when all they are doing is hurting you and making your feel worse. I am in a situation right now with my daughter and there is a lady at church who makes comments to *try* to help. She’s not helping at all…sigh…

  3. Bethany

    I’ll be praying for you. It must be hard to be separated from your husband during this time (or anytime I’m sure!)

  4. PrayerSister

    I’m praying.
    But I think this is a good reminder to all of us to think before we speak

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