My sister is at it again

by adustyframe ~ January 25th, 2007


I’ve blogged several times about my sister’s encouragment to me.

She has done such a wonderful thing by making sure my son can make special days special for me.

For my last 2 birthdays, she’s sent money or gift cards so my son can choose a gift for me.

She sent him a beautiful teapot for Christmas to give me for our tea times. It’s so pretty that I have left it out.

An envelope arrived the other day addressed to my son.

He opened it then got a tortured look on his face.

He said, “This is your Valentine’s present.”

I said, “Well go put it away so you can give it to me later.”

His face continued to look tortured then he threw the envelope on the table and said,

“Here! I will forget where they are.”

My son gave me a gift card to a clothing store and a gift card to Starbucks.

He and my sister have these discussions on the telephone. They speak in code and make plans.

My son is so cute trying to tell his Auntie things to choose for me. She’s so special to make days special for me.

So I get to celebrate Valentines day for a whole month beforehand.

On top of it all, a coupon for 20% off arrived in the mail today–to the exact same store that my Valentine’s gift card is from.

I truly am so blessed.


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  1. Jenn, mom to 2

    Your son is so lucky to have a special relationship with his Auntie. And how sweet of your sister to make plans with your son and help him carry them out…that must be a real boost for him! You are truly blessed with a special family.

  2. PrayerSister

    Double blessings – gift card & coupon!
    God knows when to send the mail, doesn’t He?

  3. adustyframe

    Thanks Ladies!

    I really am blessed!

    My sister is super;)!

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