Strangler Figs

by adustyframe ~ January 25th, 2007

I got a letter from my husband today. These plain envelopes stuffed full of notebook papers are our hold on one another.

He says he’s feeling better. (Thank you for praying for him.)

He wrote about the books he’s reading.

Then he sent this illustration and applied it to his life and sin.strangler_fig.jpg

Strangler figs are common in warmer zones–Florida, South America. They grow in abundance.

The fruit is not palatable to humans but cattle and birds like them. After the birds eat the figs, their beaks are full of the sticky residue.

They clean their beaks by rubbing them on nearby trees. The seeds of the strangler figs have a natural glue in them which makes them adhere to the branches.

When the rainy season arrives, germination takes place. Soon tiny roots make their way down into the heart of the wood and begin to grow.

Within a few years, the once lovely trees have been entirely covered with the entangling vines of the parasitic growth.

Unless the strangler figs are removed, the tree will begin to wither. Dropping one branch after another until it is completely lifeless.

The only way to stop the killing process of the strangler fig is to take a sharp knife and cut away the invader.

What an excellent view of the strangle hold sin produces in our lives.

Praise God for his sharp knife that desires to cut away the things that weigh us down and strangle his joy out of our lives.

This letter was a great encouragement to me today. I am so thankful to see God moving and working in my husband’s life.


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  1. Christy

    That’s wonderful. I’d never heard of the strangler fig.

  2. Jenn, mom to 2

    So glad to hear he’s feeling better. I’ve been praying for you both.

  3. PrayerSister

    This was a new plant to me, but, amazing!
    Great illustration!

  4. adustyframe

    Thanks Jenn for the prayers.

    I thought this was a great illustration too.

    Coming from my husband and his applying it to his life is even more wonderful!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Terri

    I just have to tell you what a blessing you are to me. I am a new reader of your blog (I’m sorry I don’t remember from whose blog I visited) and each message I read is so encouraging. Please know that through your trials, God is using you to bless others. It is a privilege to pray for your family and to see God answer these prayers.

  6. becky

    Wisdom…..all I can think of is God is giving him wisdom…….

  7. EEEEMommy

    And also a vivid picture of how our sin affects others as it is spread….

  8. picklesncucumbers

    Ditto what Terri said in her post above!!!

  9. Bruce Nelson

    What a wonderfull way to look at such a invacsive tree removal with this information and 60 foot Bucket Truck to tackle such a project. This was a very interesting analogy of the removal of the Strangler Fig tree as it relates to life and sin. If you ever had to remove one of these trees it is a very difficult task but with hard work and proper tools it will be done. Thank-you for your help on this topic

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