Father’s day

by adustyframe ~ January 29th, 2007

**Written around Father’s day 2006 and shared with a group of online friends.

The last two nights he’s cried and cried over missing daddy at bedtime.

I am wondering why these last 2 nights? Not that he hasn’t mentioned it or been sad before.

Last night he was singing but it sounded strange so I stood by his door to listen and couldn’t tell what he was saying.

I stepped in his room and he had his face buried in his pillow bawling his eyes out shakily singing “Jesus Loves Me”.

(I had told him if he was worried or afraid he can think about Jesus)

Aww man! poor kid We cuddled for awhile and prayed again.

See, I hate this for me but for him? It’s killing me.

When I asked him if it helped to sing Jesus Loves Me he said “No not even one tiny bit”.
At least he’s honest

We haven’t heard anything and this waiting is long!

In many ways we’re confident that the decision (in our favor) won’t be overturned but there are those moments of what if?

**Yes this decision was overturned in July 2006. This is the appeal we are still waiting on.

I honestly don’t think God works like that–to answer our prayers right down the line and then go “oh ha ha I didn’t really mean it”?
My husband is learning so much and saying amazing things and I know God is changing me too because I don’t freak out at some of his ideas he has for our future! (old me definitely would have!)

Also one thing I was really praying about was that whenever he gets to come home–all the discipline I’ve been doing with our son will be out the window.
That has been a major sore spot with us–him undoing the discipline.

Yesterday he says “Guess what I’m reading? Dare to Discipline”

Well thank you Lord!


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  1. Ame

    it’s all about the kids, isn’t it; it really is.

  2. Amy

    awww poor little guy but it is awesome about what your dh is reading.

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