I had a very strange dream

by adustyframe ~ February 23rd, 2007

I have no idea what this dream means. I’m not big into interpreting dreams, but this one is a doozie! Feel free to leave your thoughts.

I absolutely abhor snakes. It matters not how tiny or safe they are, I hate them. I cannot even touch a photo of a snake in a book. BLECH!

Well, in my dream Wednesday night, there was a rattlesnake in our house.
I told my son, “There’s a rattlesnake in the laundry on Mom’s bed. Just stay away from there.”

(HA! We’d run screaming our fool heads off if any type of snake was in the house!)

Then I was walking through the house and the snake came at me to attack me and I beat it to death with a broom or something. I beat it to pieces.

My friend said that was good that I beat it to death and didn’t run screaming. Some other friends said it seems to signify something big in my life.

I think it could have to do with an attack I faced this week. It could also have to do with the devil trying to slither his way into my home.

After I laughed about the fact that I was still in the house to face this creature, I thought about it a bit.

You know sin is like how I reacted in the dream.

We know it’s there. We let it be in the other room, but “just stay away” from it.

Then it viciously attacks us. Often we’re surprised aren’t we? That it’s so strong? So vicious.

Thankfully, with the Lord’s help we have won the victory and we can beat  sin to death!


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  1. Ame

    perhaps indicative of where you are … stronger … able to recognize Truth … enabled to stand against all the enemies of life and beat them to death.

  2. Amy

    hmm that is strange, aren’t snakes thought of as being part of some sort of temptation like in the bible?

  3. jodi_a4givensinner

    EWWWW!!!!!!!! I’m so terrified of those I couldn’t even read your post! (My kids are not allowed to say that WORD in our home!)

    If I had a dream like that…I’d be FREAKED-OUT! I tend to have prophetic-like dreams on occassion, so yeah…I’D BE FREAKED!

    love ya!

  4. Jenny

    Do you remember when the Israelites escaped from Egypt and the serpents were coming and biting them and they were all dying, and God told Moses to make a big bronze snake and stick it on a pole, and if they looked at the snake after being bitten they would be healed? Afterwards, though, God told Hezekiah to smash it, because the people began worshiping the snake, and not God. They got so tied up in the thinking that it was the snake that healed them, and not the God who freed them from slavery. (Numbers 21:6-9, 2 Kings 18:1-4)

    It would be interesting to know what other dreams in the Bible that involved snakes and what they meant. *ponders* It would be an interesting study. 🙂

  5. Dana Wilson

    Interesting indeed.
    I was thinking of the first mention of a snake in the bible and it was the devil talken to Eve. The bible says the serpent was subtil, and Eve didn’t run screaming, instead she was beguilded and taken in by him.

    I’ve been reading your blog for several months now. Time after time I’ve seen how the “serpent” has tried to weave his subtil evil in your life, and time after time I’ve seen you have the victory in Jesus.

    I’m no good at intrepretting dreams (having had some doseys of my own) but this is what I thought as I read this entry.


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