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by adustyframe ~ February 23rd, 2007

I don’t quite know what to make of this.

My husband got a letter from our attorney. He was letting my husband know that the appeal was moved to a different judge.

So the 1st judge had the appeal since last summer. Now a new judge. I don’t know if the new judge gets 9 months to answer the appeal?

Wow! I think this could be on a soap “As the Stomach Turns”

On a better note, my husband may possibly be moved to a prison in our vicinity.

That would be wonderful. I could go see him more often. Right now he’s 3 1/2 hours away. You can probably imagine that I don’t have a full day to devote to visiting him very often. It’s been several months since I went. I refuse to drive that far in the winter.

He doesn’t know when the move will take place, possibly within a month.

I hope that comes together for us. If he’s close by I can see him, his friends and family can see him, Pastor can see him.

So I guess now we’re praying for a new judge and a possible move.


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  1. Ame

    Yes, Lord, I ask that you move Husband/Daddy closer to home. May this be so, and may it be yet another level of deepening intimacy between he and his wife. I love You, Ame

  2. jodi_a4givensinner

    Perhaps the new judge is because of the delay??? Hard to speculate without knowing specifics, but sometimes movement is progress even when it feels like you’re spinning your wheels.

    Praying for you!

  3. Joyful Days

    I will be praying that your husband will be moved closer. And I will be praying that the new judge will be motivated to move forward quickly and listen with hearing from above. I am praying for you and your son to be filled with peace and blessed beyond measure. In Him,

  4. Esther E. Haggstrom

    What wonderful news!! We will pray the move will happen soon. We love you, daddy, and little boy.

  5. PrayerSister

    We’re praying!

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