I know.

by adustyframe ~ February 27th, 2007

I hope that when I post our struggles, I’m not lax about letting you know how blessed we are.

I know that we are being held in the palm of God’s hands. I know that he hovers near and teaches all 3 of us so many things.

I see his works in our daily lives.

I know that we are so blessed.

I know that we don’t have it as badly as others do. I know that.

Last night, I was reading a book on the couch after my son was in bed for the night.

My heart ached for how much I missed my husband. I was wishing he was working late and soon I’d hear his foot steps on the back steps. Then I had to think again how so very very long it’s been since we slept in the same bed, or since his footsteps fell on our back stairs.

Then I had to admit that I know we are blessed. My husband wants to come home. His heart is here.

Many single moms have the additional ache because their husband doesn’t want to come home. That breaks my heart. I know how it feels to be on the verge of a marriage ending.

I do not know how it feels to have the one you gave your life to turn away and leave.

When my son cries for his daddy, I know that we are so blessed. Daddy loves him dearly.

So many children are fathered by males who have no love for them. They cry for the Dad they wish they could have.

My son is so blessed.

When money is tight, I know that God provides our daily needs. He gives us things we want. I know what not having enough money feels like. I do not know what going to bed hungry feels like. I do not know what living in a shelter or on the street feels like.

We are so blessed.

I hate that my husband exists in a place where he is “nothing”. I hate that no one around him cares for him. I hate that he goes day by day with no one putting their hand on his shoulder to express care. I hate that he goes to sleep at night without getting his back rubbed. I hate that he doesn’t get to eat his favorite food.

Then I remember that he is safe. He is dry. He is able to receive medicine. He is fed.

In many parts of the world, prison means torture, disease, pain. He is safe.

I don’t ever want you to think that I don’t know how blessed we are.

I know.


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  1. Ame

    it is through your difficulty and your pain that your blessings shine and glow. yes, we know 🙂

  2. Liza

    we know you know….

    we love you when you express your sorrows and hurt,
    we love you when you count your blessings,
    we love you when you show your weakness,
    we love you when there is strength.

    I posted a contemporary worship song I just learned. Come stop by. I thought of you when I was singing it at church last Sunday…

  3. jodi_a4givensinner

    Your strength is in your weakness. Yep, we know!

    (this is what I was going to say BEFORE I read Ame’s comment! I’m not copy-catting her, really!)

  4. Lisa

    Great post. I am struggling so with $$ right now–poor stewardship. Your post reminds me of how “good” we really have it. My kids and I are strong and healthy. There is SOMETHING to eat–however boring or unenjoyed. We have a nice home, neighbors who are decent, friends. We have no phone but have friends who at least email me at work to make sure we’re ok. Our community has a good library that provide free entertainment. Our public schools, although I want them home, are decent. Thanks for helping me see thru the gloom right now.

  5. becky

    we know all the more for how and what you share….

  6. Christy

    Absolutely, we know. Thank you for sharing everything.

  7. martie

    We all know God’s blessings……we just need to remember them daily. Thanks for the reminder…..now, I’m off to count my blessings!

  8. The Wooden Porch

    {{hugs}} You are an amazing woman.

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