by adustyframe ~ February 28th, 2007

My son and I have been singing an old college song lately.

When I was in Bible college, we rode buses to church services. We had awhile to ride and often we’d sing.

One guy was particularly enthusiastic, and I loved hearing him sing and lead us.

He taught us

Ain’t God good?

Gives us so many blessings.

Undeserving, that’s what we are!

We ought to thank him,

Love and praise him,

A little bit today,

A whole lot more tomorrow ooooooooh


It’s a hand clappin’ foot stompin’ song to praise God with. My son and I have been singing it before bed. Maybe someday if we get brave, we’ll record it and share it with you.

Tonight I heard Until then on the radio. Oh! That was another bus trip song.

The guy that taught us Ain’t God Good, would sing at the end of Until Then

“Until the day my eyes behold the city” but he’d say

“Forget about the city, just let me see my Saviour.”

So true. Give me Jesus!

Songs are an excellent way to remove the focus from self and put it where it belongs.

Thank you, Jesus for songs that point us to you.

Thank you that when we get to heaven, all we’ll care about is seeing You.



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  1. Ame


    we do this a lot, too

    it is very refreshing for our souls and lightens our loads

  2. Lisa

    Just took a peak at your currently reading section–GREAT choices!! I loved the Amish series!! And Charolotte Mason Companion is on my listmania list of best homeschool books! Thanks for sharing!

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