My Brother was here

by adustyframe ~ March 7th, 2007

this weekend.

I simply cannot explain how wonderful it is to have another adult around the house for 2 days.

He changed light bulbs for me, shoveled, took little boy sledding, played games, swept up the floor, cooked supper.

He was someone to talk to after little boy went to bed. He carried my Bible out to the car Sunday morning for me. He took us out to eat Saturday night.

He even rubbed my neck and took a pile of junk to the thrift store for me.
He is a wonderful brother certainly! However, just the fact that another adult was around to do some of the work was so wonderful.

For 2 days, my load was so much lighter and I am so thankful.

One thing that is hard about single parenting is all the work, all the energy a child requires, all the running, cooking etc. His visit was a blessed reprieve from that.

Another part of single parenting is the fact that there is no one to share with. No one to look over the head of a cute little boy and smile at each other over the funny thing he just said. No one to share about the day with.

We both love having my brother come visit, and although I’m so happy at any break I get, it’s a reminder again of all we are missing.


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  1. Ame



    yes. i understand.

  2. The NON-Superwoman

    What a blessing to have a brother like that!

  3. picklesncucumbers

    Sounds like you had a wonderful visit and reprieve. I pray every night that your family is reunited again soon. Love, Jenn

  4. Christy

    What a wonderful brother and a bittersweet blessing to have him visit. Oh Lizzie, I ache for you in the place you are in now.

    Your brother’s visit is also a reminder of all you are building up to … the day when your husband is home to do all of those things for you AND take over the leading of your family so you no longer have to be as strong (and tired) as you are now. Although it probably seems like a fairytale that may or may not come true, I believe that day is coming for your family. Not only because I want to believe it for you, but because I feel it in my bones.

    Until then, I pray Jesus will cradle you in his arms and be your strength. I pray that this will be a profitable pruning season so precious fruit will be produced … fruit that will delight our God and be sweeter to you than anything you could have dreamed up on your own … a sweetness that washes away or at least makes precious every aching, wrenching moment that lead up to it.

    Oh, I pray for you in the precious name of Jesus, who washes us and cleanses our aching wounds, who binds them up and makes us whole again.

  5. Lisa

    I know how it feels. I’m glad you had a break from “lonely” its often better than a vacation.

  6. Liza

    I’m glad to hear about your brother’s visit.

    I understand about the difficulties of being a single…hang in there… You’re now a day closer to the day you and Lee will be together. A day at a time….

  7. Susanna

    Families can be such a blessing can’t they ? (well, not for some people I know). I suppose many experiences for you will be bitter sweet- as you long for the things that you are missing. I am so glad that you had a blessed and happy weekend. I frequently (especially at the moment feeling so rough) marvel at how a woman manages to raise a child alone. I know this is not your choice but I praise God for the way in which HE helps you day by day.

    Lonely is a hard place to be- I have been there although I know my story is nothing like yours.

    Heavenly Father, thank you that you are the one who is closer than a brother. Thank you that your Holy Spirit can bring more joy, peace and blessing than any human company. But thank you also that you know our needs, that you do not expect us to manage on our own. Thank you for Lizzies family, for her dear boy, her loving brother and all the friends who pray for her. Above all thank you for her husband who is daily growing to love you more. Keep them all by your grace I pray, and may we soon all rejoice at the ending of these trials and the re-building of a family.
    In Jesus name, Amen.

  8. Amy

    That is so awesome! Your brother sounds like a gem 🙂

  9. Inmatez Wife

    I was given your blogs address by someone who was on my blog. I have read some of your posts tonight, and let me say—I know that God sent me this person to send me to you. My husband is in prison, and has been for 3 yrs and almost 4 months now. We have 5 children. And I know how you feel. I do not mean I can imagine, I mean I KNOW. Please, feel free to email me at anytime at all. I would love to corrospond with someone who knows. I post regularly on my blog about so many things reguarding this life as an “outmate”, and all my friends help me through it. I Know the burden you have with raising your gift alone for now, I know the tear stains on the pillows, and the emptiness felt inside. Know that you are not alone. There are others out here, who believe in love, who have given this to God, and are in it for the long haul. God bless you, and yours. You are a wonderful writer, truly gifted. Thank you for your blog. Nicole

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