by adustyframe ~ March 24th, 2007

Well the car is not fixed yet. Last time I drove by it was still parked on the road racking up parking tickets!

Actually the 1st night I didn’t get a ticket. My nephew said it would be towed this afternoon. We shall see.

He seems to think that fixing it will not be very costly.

A family at church lent me a car to drive. That is an awesome blessing.

I received a gift in my paypal account on Thursday morning. Another blessing.

I’ve mentioned my Titus 2 lady before. She’s a sweet lady and always encourages me. She’s also good at pointing out things I should be seeing.

On Thursday morning, she called after reading my blog post. She offered to take us to the store when I had to go in.
She also gave me $25 to go get a haircut. I have been putting it off far too long. So Monday is the day.

What a blessing!

I wrote about the ladies night out last night.

Then today, I got home from the store and checked the mail.

I had a letter from my Mom, a letter from my husband, and a box from one of my online friends.

She and I sell on Ebay and we’re in a group together.

She just had a baby and isn’t selling right now. She boxed up her remaining inventory and mailed it to me as a gift. She wants me to sell them and keep the money. The box included some very nice items.

Her note included $20 for my son and I to go out for dinner.

I cried. What a sweet surprise.

Little Boy wanted to go out immediately. I told him we should wait a day or so.

I am thankful that even when it often feels like one thing after another goes wrong, God is there with people to reach out and share or give of themselves. It’s like little glimmers of light and hope when I feel like I’m not going to make it.

Sometimes I am surprised how many things occur  in a week.

We had the elation of my husband moving closer, the broken down car, some discouraging news, and all these blessings all in the space of a week and a day.

It’s almost enough to take my breath away sometimes. Often the things I deal with would feel like too much even if it were only one thing. On weeks when it’s one after another, I usually feel like I tangoed with a Mac truck and lost.

I am so thankful that God is faithful to us. I am thankful for all the growing he’s doing with both of us.

I am thankful for this blog too. Someday when this is a distant memory, I don’t want to forget these lessons and trials.

I wonder if I’ll look back and realize that no matter how hard it was, these times of being utterly dependent on God were some of the most precious days of my life.


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  1. Ame

    Holy God, I worship and praise and adore You! For You alone are Good and Just and Holy and Beautiful 🙂 You love to shower Your blessings on Your chosen, and You love to give us Good gifts 🙂 Thank You, ever so deeply, for these good and beautiful gifts You have lavished on Lizzie today! You are awesome God, and I love You! Ame

  2. picklesncucumbers

    Hooray for the haircut money! And enjoy the dinner out with your son.

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