Marriage Monday ~Encouragement

by adustyframe ~ March 25th, 2007

I just found out about Marriage Mondays thanks to Janean at JD’s Daze.

Christine at Fruit in Season hosts this.

I think I’ll play along!

How I encourage my husband right now is of course so different than many wives. I feel it’s very important though in our situation.

Here are some things I do for Lee.

1. Pray for him. I’ve prayed for him so many years. It’s so amazing to me to see God moving and answering prayers I prayed so long ago. I must not stop now.

2. Visit him. I’m so thankful that he’s so close. I’ve seen him 4 times this week. I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful that is for both of us.

He needs to see a face that loves him and cares about him. He also needs human touch.  He holds my hands most of the time I’m there. He strokes the back of my hand over and over.

3.Communicate with him. I send him my blog posts. I have to copy and paste them into a Word document. Otherwise, internet stuff is contraband. I don’t want the letters coming back to me!

I also print out the journal from Homeschool Tracker every couple of months so that he can see what we’ve been doing.

I keep the phone unblocked so he can call.

I find information he wants and can’t find.

I run to the attorney’s office, or relay messages to his family for him.

4. When he’s discouraged or saying unBiblical things, I point him to God’s Word.

5. I’m staying with him. He says so many men in his situation have lost their entire family.

6. I am faithful to him. In my mind that goes without saying. First of all because of God’s Word. Secondly, I do not have the energy for anything else! Good grief!

He said many of the guys there also deal with their wive’s unfaithfulness while they are gone.

7. I am careful about the things I share with him. Sometimes I just want to unburden myself. Some things though would burden him. When he’s unable to do anything for me, I think it would be unfair.

Great topic! Thanks for hosting this Christine. I hope to participate on occasion.


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  1. Christine

    Thanks so much for participating in Marriage Monday. I’ve been reading a bit of your blog so I could get a better feel for where your marriage is. You have a situation that’s different from me and yet I really learned a lot from your post. You are a blessing to your husband and to others who can look to your example. Thanks.

  2. Theresa ♥

    I’m new to your blog and so I don’t know your specific situation but I want you to know that your taking the time to be so thoughtful and loving towards him and even in the writing of this post will expand your heart even more allowing the Lord to fill even more of your marriage with sweetness. I call you blessed.

  3. Heather

    I too am new to your blog. I looked around to get a better understanding of what you’re going through — though, I’m sure I’ll never have a complete picture. I think it’s wonderful that you are supporting your husband and lifting him up through all of this. Your husband is blessed to call you his own. May God bless you during this time of difficulty.

  4. Stacey

    Oh you are so right. Praying should be number one on our lists! There is nothing as powerful as going to our Lord for our husbands.

  5. Lynn Donovan

    What an excellent list and example. When the rest of us complain about our marriage, we need only to stop in here for a read. Wonderful.

  6. Kelly (Harvested Soul)

    You are an amazing woman. So many people give up on their marriages too easily. What a great blessing you are and wonderful example of listening to God. I have learned from you already and this is the first time I’ve seen your blog.

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