It was an “I’m so glad we homeschool” day

by adustyframe ~ March 28th, 2007

I had one of those “aha” moments this morning.

Last night, Little Boy had an earache and didn’t sleep well.

I let him sleep until he woke up this morning which was quite late.

I worked around the house and smiled everytime I heard his snoring.

I was/am so thankful that he could sleep in. If he went out to school, I’d have had to drag him from his bed bright and early and send him off to school. He’d probably be out of sorts and have a rotten day.

Instead, he slept until he woke up and moved to the couch to rest some more. We cuddled and giggled together and had a quiet low key morning.

Thank you God for calling me to this. Thank you for the way it enables me to nourish my son’s spirit and health. Thank you for all the blessings homeschooling has brought our home.


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  1. picklesncucumbers

    Awww, I hope Little Boy is feeling better. Earaches are no fun.

    The flexibility of homeschooling is DEFINITELY an advantage!

    My neighbor across the street homeschools her 2 daughters, 15 & 17. The girls have saved me in a babysitting emergency during the daytime on a few occasions. I feel bad when I call on them for a babysitting favor during the day, but they always tell me they can do their studies any time, anywhere.

    In the summer, I see the girls gardening with their mother during the day when the weather is nice. And in the evening I see them out on the porch with their books or having discussions. It makes me smile to see them all working together. Another + for homeschooling.

    You may have planted a seed here Lizzie. You’ve given me a lot to think (and pray) about. ~ Jenn

  2. Patricia

    I had many earaches as a child. They are miserable. Is your Little Boy better?

    I can honestly testify after over 20 years of homeschooling that there will be many moments over the years to come where “I’m so glad we homeschool” will be one of your first thoughts. I can’t imagine having raised my children any other way and praise God that He led me in this direction.

  3. Kate

    I’m all for homeschooling, and often consider it myself. However, if my child had had an earache and been unable to sleep I would let her stay home! Who says you HAVE to rouse a child in that state and send them off to school bright and early?? Many a time I’ve let them sleep in and THEN assessed t heir condition. Sometimes they stayed home, sometimes they went in late. There are definite advantages to homeschooling and I commend everyone who does it. But I would hope you’d find the majority of parents who don’t homeschool would give their child a break in circumstances like your son recently experienced.

  4. adustyframe

    Kate, I guess my comment was more about us than about people that send their children to school.

    I didn’t have to assess or make a decision, I just let him sleep. I didn’t have to answer to anyone else in regard to my decision or worry about how many sick days he’s taken or even call the school.
    I was very glad yesterday that we homeschool:)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. EEEEMommy

    Me too!

  6. Janean

    What a blessing! Awesome! You made me smile.

  7. Jennifer

    I always felt so thankful for our homeschooling lifestyle until the last couple of years. Between being depressed and worried about my 16 year old’s future (college? Yikes, will he be ready?) I let some of the joy leak out. I’ve been thinking I need to do some of the things we used to enjoy so much to bring a fresh breeze into our homeschooling days.

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