Christian Radio

by adustyframe ~ April 24th, 2007

I almost always listen to Christian radio. There are 2 decent stations in our area and I go back and forth between them.

It’s such a blessing to hear excellent Biblical teaching throughout the day. My soul is always blessed and refreshed by the music as well.

I was recently able to order Lee a radio that meets the rules for prison. It was actually very cheap.

He just received it last weekend. Already, he’s being blessed by Christian radio.

He told me that he enjoyed a program of quiet sacred music the first day.

When he called tonight, he told me about a speaker he heard tonight.

The man was teaching from Job. He repeated over and over that God does not have to tell us why we are suffering.

God doesn’t owe us any explanation. We may never know why.

What a blessing for Lee (and for me) to know that God can speak to and minister to his heart in prison.

Thank you Lord for Christian radio and for Lee’s ability to finally hear these programs. Please allow them to continue to speak to his heart and heal and strengthen him. 


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  1. PrayerSister

    Praise the Lord – this encouragement is well-timed!
    We have 2 Christian radio stations, also.
    One has great music (I mean GREAT music) & horrid speakers (remember the guy who wrote 88 reasons why the Lord would return in 1988? yeah, him).
    The other has music that doesn’t quite fit us but has GREAT preachers, so we switch back & forth, too.
    I do miss the Songs in the Night segment from our old radio station, and some of the speakers, like Ravi Z.

  2. Ame

    that just makes me want to dance for joy and throw a party!!! 🙂

  3. Barbara H.

    I love Christian radio — the sacred music is such an uplift, and the messages often just what I need. Sometimes even hearing just a snatch of something in the car between errands gives me something to “chew” on for days.

    I am so glad Lee is able to have access to Christian radio in prison.

  4. Liza


    I love Christian radio too.

  5. Amy

    I enjoy listing to Christian radio stations, you can hear some really fascinating things on there.

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