A little boy

by adustyframe ~ April 25th, 2007

Tonight in the nursery, some ladies and I were talking.

One lady spoke about an awfully naughty boy in her son’s class. Apparently the teacher isn’t addressing the situation. I wasn’t sympathetic to his “naughty boy” until she looked at me and said, “His dad’s in prison. No offense but….”

Oh! My heart twisted and my stomach lurched.

Poor little boy! Children with incarcerated fathers are the most at risk children in America.

I said to her, “You know, if I didn’t have the Lord, I don’t know where I’d be. This is really a horrible thing to deal with. That makes me sad about the boy.”

I wished I knew the little boy so I could give him a hug and help his mom out a little bit.

She said the mom always looks grumpy and can never make the field trips.

Yeah. I’m sure.

((Poor Mom)) ((Poor Boy))

I so wish that no one had to hurt like this.


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  1. Ame

    Dear God, I lift this little boy up to You, and his sweet momma. How tragic and traumatic for children. How cornered they feel having no place to express their feelings and, at young ages, not even knowing that these are feelings they must express. Lord, if at all possible, I ask that You lead Lizzie to this momma and her son. Provide a way for Lizzie and James to be Your arms and feet and heart to this struggling Momma and her little boy. I love You, Ame

  2. becky

    I sure hope that the other lady heard you……

  3. EEEEMommy

    Yes. Sin is horrible, and it’s awful that the consequences of sin are so far reaching that they hurt so many people.

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