Marriage Seminar

by adustyframe ~ April 25th, 2007

Tomorrow’s the big day!

I get to be with Lee for the seminar all day tomorrow.

I don’t know who’s doing it or if it will even be good. I don’t care! I’m just going to enjoy being with him all day.

I pray that it will be a profitable time too.

I shared this with some ladies in the church nursery tonight. (My monthly turn.)

One said, “Where will it be?”


I just said, “In the prison. That’s the only place he’s allowed to be.”

Sometimes I swear people don’t think.

At any rate I’m excited about tomorrow and pray it goes without a hitch and that we learn something that we can apply to our marriage.


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  1. Jodi

    How exciting! Let us know how it goes!

  2. The NON-Superwoman

    What a blessing to be able to attend the marriage seminar with your husband! May God continue to strengthen your marriage!

  3. Kristi

    I think that it is an awesome thing that you would be able to spend this time with your honey… It’s so important for both of you… I am so glad that God has placed you together again…. I believe He is preparing you for the days when Lee comes home for good.. Psalm 30:5b says Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning…. The waiting is hard I’m sure but don’t forget your not FORGOTTEN!!!! I love the blog….. I read everyday… God Bless You my sister in Christ….

  4. Ame

    ya know – you could send this into reader’s digest 😉

    and, YAY!!! a whole day with your husband!!!!! i’m sure he’s gonna have a difficult time sleeping tonight 😉

  5. Robin

    Wow! A marriage seminar at the prison. Very interesting. Can’t wait to hear how it went!

  6. Dana Wilson

    I feel like a heel for saying this, but I would be the forgetful mom who asked where the seminar would be. Don’t take it personal.

    I’m sorry it was cancelled. And your little boy looks sweet in the pic.

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