by adustyframe ~ April 26th, 2007

To go to this marriage seminar, I had to schedule child care for the day, as well as employees for the whole day.

I went out to the prison quite excited. After all, an entire day with my husband is not something to take lightly.

While we were in line, one wife said, “We even get to sit next to them the whole time.”

You cannot underestimate how important this time and ability to touch is to both of us!

Shortly (minutes!) before we were to be escorted to the room, an alarm began sounding and lights went out.

Apparently there was some sort of power outage and the entire control room was without power. The prison went into lockdown.

Within minutes, the deputy warden came through and canceled the seminar.

I understand that there was no way to even let us in. The doors couldn’t open.

I do wish they’d have let us sit there for awhile to see if they restored power.

It wasn’t as bad for me I live in the same town. Other wives had driven for hours to be there today.

If power is restored, I should be able to at least see him tonight.

However, I was truly disappointed.

There will be another one in May, but it’s the day of my brother’s wedding rehearsal. I’ll have to see if the times will work out or not. Otherwise, they begin again in the fall.

I know this is “little” thing, but sometimes this whole trial feels like one disappointment after another. Today just feels like one more thing that doesn’t go right.

So, I did a couple errands and will spend the rest of the rainy afternoon resting on the couch cuddling with my son and a good book.

I’m going to skip the housework/schoolwork/paperwork and just rest. Perhaps God knows I just needed to rest today.


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  1. Stephanie

    I’m sorry =( I can’t imagine how disappointed both of you must be. I will be praying for God’s peace to guard your hearts and minds. He has all 3 of you in the palm of his hand.

  2. jodi

    I’m sure your son enjoyed the quiet time with Mom. I am sorry for the disappointment. ((((hugs))))

  3. EEEEMommy

    I’m sorry that the seminar was cancelled! How disappointing! I’m suprised to hear that they have them so regularly! I’m curious what kind of speakers they have.

  4. Ame

    WOW! Did Satan NOT want that to happen, or what??!!! What are the odds?!!!

    I am SO sorry.

    Dear God, comfort Lizzie and all the wives who so faithfully cancelled their whole day for an opportunity to spend a whole day sitting close to their husband. Bring good out of this, Lord. Make something beautiful out of these ashes. Don’t let Satan win. I love You, God, Ame

  5. Amy

    oh that is too bad! I bet your hubby was disappointed too 🙁

  6. Kate

    I’m so, so, sorry. I happily read your first post about how it was coming up, and now to read this latest post is just painful. I was so happy for you and I’m truly sorry it didn’t work out. Can’t they reschedule it?? Only God knows what was up with the timing on this….He must have some other plan. Take care…

  7. PrayerSister

    I’m so sorry. I hope you get to go tonight.

  8. picklesncucumbers

    How disappointing was that! I’m so sorry your seminar was cancelled. On the other hand, sounds like you got to spend some great quality time with your little guy and have a little much needed down time for yourself – so it wasn’t a complete loss, right?

    I hope you get another chance soon to attend another seminar and spend extra time with Lee.


  9. adustyframe

    Thank you all! You’re so sweet to be disappointed with me!

    It was ok after I took a nap!

  10. Robin

    I’m so sorry about the seminar. I’m sure you were really disappointed.

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