Sharing our Son

by adustyframe ~ April 27th, 2007



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  1. Ame

    what an incredible picture!!! he’s beautiful!!!!!!!

  2. The NON-Superwoman

    What a darling little boy! I love this shot. You should get it blown up and hang it in the house somewhere 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  3. picklesncucumbers


  4. Helen

    What a great photo! Thanks for posting!

  5. Liza

    Excellent photo of a precious son. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Joyful Days

    This is an awesome photo. How wonderful.

    With prayer,


  7. Grandparents Corner

    Awe, this is too precious for words! Can you take pictures into the prison to show your husband, or send them in mail? It’s really a special picture and hopefully you can frame it if you haven’t already.

    I continue to remember you, your son, and husband in my prayers.

    Have a blessed weekend. Check out my post for today if you have a moment. It’s a little ‘different’ but I feel has a great message.

  8. picklesncucumbers

    I’ll second The Non-Superwoman…. you definitely should enlarge and frame this photo!

  9. PrayerSister

    It’s nice to see who we’re praying for.
    Beautiful picture, very compelling.

  10. adustyframe

    Thank you all:) We think he’s the most precious boy ever!

    I haven’t framed it but I definitely will.

    Yes, I can take up to 25 photos in on a visit for him to see. I have to take them home with me, but I can mail him photos and he can keep them.

  11. emilyhope

    That is a fantastic picture. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Janean

    WOW! I love it! What a wonderful idea.
    You and your family are in my prayers always.

  13. Chel

    What a beautiful photo!

  14. Christy

    He is beautiful. And what a great picture. It’s nice to have a face to go with the prayers. 🙂 At bedtime, my little four-year-old and I have been praying together for James because he misses his daddy so much.

  15. adustyframe

    Thank you ladies.

    Thanks so much for your prayers. (And Christy, thank you for praying with your son for James)

  16. Jill

    That’s a lovely photo. Your son is beautiful.

  17. Robin

    This picture paints a thousand words….

  18. Steph

    I’m a faithful lurker and read your blog every single day but I’ve never commented, I just had to comment today, this picture is really breathtaking, thank you for sharing it.

  19. Something I’m praying about | A Dusty Frame

    […] I took some very nice photos at my brother’s wedding. I took a neat shot of James that I shared with you here. […]

  20. Amy

    awww that’s neat, I’d put that in a frame if it was me 🙂

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