You don’t deserve this!

by adustyframe ~ April 30th, 2007

My Mom cried on the phone with me a few weeks ago.

Her tears were mostly about my brother in laws cruel comments.

She said, “You don’t deserve him talking to you like that. You don’t deserve Lee being in jail.”

Mommies never want their babies to hurt!

She said, “When I was pregnant with you, I told your Dad that I never wanted this baby to hurt. I wish I could take it all away.”

I told her that none of us really deserve anything. Least of all God’s grace.

Now to be honest here (remember, I’m aiming for “real”.) I don’t think I deserve much of this either!

However, God has blessed us through this trial beyond any of our wildest dreams.

My Mom did say that she wouldn’t choose to take any of my blessings away either.

Mom’s are so good aren’t they!?

I heard this verse on the radio this morning. The man sharing it had lost his wife to breast cancer. I think it’s an interesting verse to ponder. He said, and I can agree, that through trials we learn so much about God and about life.

Ecclesiastes 7:2 & 3

It is better to go to the house of mourning, than to go to the house of feasting: for that is the end of all men; and the living will lay it to his heart.

Sorrow is better than laughter: for by the sadness of the countenance the heart is made better.


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  1. suzy

    Finding your site has been such a blessing to me, as I find that we have much in common. I have been a born – again christian all my life and we raised our children in church. My oldest son will soon be taken to prison on charges for inbezzlement to support his drug habit. He has drifted in and out of our life since he left home at age 16, sometimes not hearing from him for years at a time. In Feb. of 2006, he showed up at our doorstep with all his belongings in a trash bag , saying he had no place to go. We took him in and within 6 months he was off all perscription drugs, had a job with a nationwide company, a secondhand car and was well on his way to a better life.
    On January 22, 2007, he lost his job by failing a drug test, and has been missing since that date. I don’t know if he’s living or dead.
    Last week , the F.B.I. came to our house to ask for our help with any info. to help find him. these embezzlement charges are from 6 years ago. Please pray for us.

  2. Liza

    I just came from “Especially Heather” and now here ….you two (you and Heather) are amazing. Trusting God in the midst of difficult circumstances is not easy…yet you trust Him. There’s a verse somewhere in the Bible that says “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning”. I pray that morning of joy will come very soon – that Lee will be out of jail and your bother in law will have a change of heart.


  3. suzy

    The above post was to say that “yes, Moms are wonderful. ” Mine has been such a blessing to me, She’s a wonderful christian that prays for our sitution 24 /7. She always tells me that I don’t deserve this, And she’s there with a hug when I’m so overwhelmed by this that all I can do is cry…and cry… till there are no more tears left.

  4. Jon Daley

    The dad in “Finding Nemo” promised a similar thing to his only surviving child. I dislike the message at the end of the movie that says that all that needs to happen is for the dad to let his kid do whatever he wants, since the kid knows best, but there is a good point of parents not being too protective of their children.

  5. adustyframe

    Thanks all.

    Suzy I’m sorry that you are having to suffer pain because of your son’s choices.
    It’s hard.

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