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by adustyframe ~ May 12th, 2007

I was tagged long ago for this 7 things meme by Kimberly at Organized Chaos
I haven’t really set up this blog as a typical blog including all the “blog” stuff like memes and such.

I thought I could be a good sport and play along though.

7 things about me should be pretty easy since you don’t know me.

1. I am afraid of water. Not showers or baths. Just when it gets to my chest. I hyperventilate. I think if I ever conquer my fear of water, I can rule the world!

2.  I drink a lot of coffee. De-caf now of course. Thank the Lord I didn’t have caffeine withdrawals.

3.  I won a Superman beach towel when I was a kid. It was the local library’s contest. I didn’t really want the towel. I only wanted to beat Walter. I still have that ratty towel. (And Walter does not….)

4. My parents homeschooled my siblings and I. I was in 9th grade when we started. Our first day of homeschool was the day the Challenger blew up.

5. I have played the piano for church services since I was 12 years old.  That’s a lot of hymns!

6.  I am a book junkie. Seriously. I have so many books around here even with weeding out and de-cluttering. I may need a support group. (Hey! they probably offer books….)

7. I accepted the Lord as my Saviour over 30 years ago.

Thanks for tagging me!


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  1. Amy

    Glad you’re a bookworm too like me. And funny about the superman towel lol.

  2. Kimberly

    Thanks for being a good sport and playing along. I was hoping it would give me a chance to get to know you better and it did. We are kindred spirits in the book junkie category. I too don’t particulary care for the water although I can swim but unlike you I’m not out to conquer that fear. I’ll wait until I’m on the otherside and fear won’t reside there. I got a good laugh over Walter not having the towel…

  3. adustyframe

    Amy haha about the towel;) The little girl in me STILL gloats about winning;)

    Kimberly–no problem. I’m not really out to conquer my fear of water–I guess I just feel that’s the LAST thing on my I wish I could do list;) So someday, I’ll get up enough gumption;)
    I’m glad you laughed about Walter and the towel;)

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