Almost back to normal

by adustyframe ~ May 15th, 2007

James is about better. Poor kid!  He woke up with dry heaves around 4 this morning. After that he perked up.

He ate some noodles and a Popsicle around 11 this morning and part of a sandwich at bed.

He did a lot of lying around today so I know he wasn’t quite better.

Hopefully tomorrow he’ll be his highly energetic self!

Thanks for your concern and prayers!


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  1. Amy

    awww poor thing, glad he’s on the mend 🙂

  2. emilyhope

    Nothing like a popsicle! Glad he is getting back to normal! He should be full of energy real soon.

  3. picklesncucumbers

    Yay! Hoping he’s back to his ol’ little self tomorrow! ~ Jenn

  4. adustyframe

    He was pretty sick all day the day I posted this. He wasn’t quite himself the next 2 days but he’s ok now:)

    Thanks for your thoughts:)

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