I went out for lunch

by adustyframe ~ May 23rd, 2007

Today, James and I had lunch with a lady I met at the prison.

When I told my mom about these plans she said, “hmmm…..” I told her that we were meeting in a public place and she’s just a wife like me. She’s ok to talk to.

I met Linda at the marriage seminar (the one that got canceled). She drove many hours and I was sad for her that she had driven so far only to have the special day canceled.

I told Lee to give her husband my phone number. I wanted to offer to help her in any way when she came to town to visit her husband.

She called me on Saturday and we had a lovely chat. We made plans to go out to eat when she came this week for the marriage seminar.

(I have to miss this one because we’re leaving town tomorrow for the wedding.)

We met at a little cafe today and chatted the entire 2 hours.

It was a blessing to talk about some of our struggles. We shared how God has worked in our lives and provided in miraculous ways. We talked about ministering to others, about how frustrating some of the things that happen in the prison are.

We talked about how some days leave us completely overwhelmed and we aren’t able to accomplish much. We both shared how this is truly a grieving process.

It was so encouraging to hear another woman say these things.

She knows.

Many of the things she shared I knew exactly what she was talking about. Or I’d say something and she’d agree and have a similar story to share.

It was just so good to sit with someone who knows. Someone I don’t have to be careful what I say. Someone who knows exactly what I’m dealing with because she’ been there too.

I told her how I had struggled since our phone call on Saturday.
She shared with me that she ministers to women all the way down here. I felt like I should offer to be a contact person or someone they can call.

I did pray about it. I don’t think I’m ready to be that person yet.

My days are still so full of all the things that I have to do and I’m still trying to find a balance that is best for my son.

Someday though I know I will be “there”. I’ll be ready to be the one reaching out to everyone.
For now, I still ask God to show me what he desires me to do and I pray that I can minister here with this blog.

**Please do pray for James and I to have a safe trip to the wedding. We are leaving in the morning. We don’t have very far to drive, I just would appreciate prayers for my blessing car to keep running smoothly while we’re gone.

I’m looking very forward to seeing my family tomorrow and I can’t wait!**


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  1. Amy

    I’m glad you had a good time going out for lunch. I can see how it would be so comforting to talk with someone in the same situation as you – no awkwardness or worries. You could just be two friends out having lunch together. I hope you have a great time at the wedding and that you enjoy seeing your family! I’ll be praying for your safe trip.

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