by adustyframe ~ May 23rd, 2007

I ordered Lee some Bible study books. I mentioned before that he just wanted some study books rather than things for his comfort.

I also sent him For Men Only. I need to get For Women Only and read it too.

I ordered them from CBD. Their price are usually fairly competitive.

I knew that the books had to be new and from a store or online company. I knew they had to have a receipt.

I did not know that “receipt” meant the prices had to be printed on the receipt.

Lee called me on Monday to tell me he couldn’t have the books. The receipt had everything but the prices printed on it.

He had to pay to ship them home to me. 7.99 out of his account to mail the first box home. Probably that much to mail the box to church.

That was frustrating. I don’t want the books! Also, I can’t mail them to him now. They have to come from the distributor.

Pastor had also ordered him a study Bible and another book. I called Pastor to ask what he wanted us to do with his box.

He said he didn’t know that was a requirement either.

Actually Pastor and I have both sent Lee books before from CBD without any sort of problem. This facility just requires a different type of receipt.

Pastor called the chaplain today. She cannot receive the box of books and give them to Lee.

However, after Lee pays to mail them out to me or to the church, Pastor can bring in the books 2 or 3 at a time and give them to the chaplain to give to Lee.

So over time and in a very round about way, he’ll eventually get his books and Bible.


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  1. Barbara H.

    We ran into a similar thing when sending some books to my husband’s sister when she was in prison. We had no idea she couldn’t receive books from us. We never got them back — I don’t know what they did with them. She was 2,000 miles away from us and away from her home town where we knew people who could see about trying to get them to her. It was very frustrating!!! I’m glad Lee will finally get the books the pastor brings though it seems like such a strange way for the system to work.

    The book we were trying to send was Twice Pardoned by Harold Morris, his testimony about how God got hold of him in prison. It’s excellent — I highly recommend it if you’ve never read it.

    Hope you have a great time this weekend!

  2. suze

    It just sounds as if Satan wants to put as many wrenches in the works that he can to discourage you and your husband. Keep the faith – God will prevail……

  3. Amy

    How frustrating! I’m very glad you found a way around the problems. I hope Lee enjoys his books!

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