Visiting Lee

by adustyframe ~ May 30th, 2007

Yesterday, my sister and her husband, my parents and I went to visit Lee.

We didn’t leave as early as we had planned to and I thought we were going to get caught in “count”.

Inmate count is twice a day. The afternoon count is at 4:40.

The guards don’t process any visitors from 4:20 until count is cleared.

We got there at 4:18. I thought for sure that we’d have to wait but they processed our visit immediately.

My sister’s capris had metal buttons and she didn’t clear security. The rule is 3 chances to clear the metal detector and then you simply don’t get a visit.

She beeped all 3 times. I was holding my breath.

The guard checked her pants and told her to not wear them again, but he let her through.

What a blessing!

I told them that we’d probably have to wait in the visiting room for Lee for quite awhile.

In the past when I’ve gotten there at count, I’ve had to wait for him up to 45 minutes.

What happens is when I get processed as a visitor, the guards at the desk call the guards in Lee’s unit. They let him go to the visiting room. Usually when we’re so close to count, the guards on the unit won’t let Lee go until after count is cleared.

Yesterday the guard told him to hurry up.

We had been in the facility for less than 15 minutes when Lee came in.

The lady at the table next to us came in right behind us and her visitor didn’t arrive until almost 5:00.

We had a nice visit. We talked and prayed. We also played UNO for several rounds and ordered snacks from the kitchen.

My Mom cried when we told Lee goodbye. She hugged him and told him she loves him.
It was good for Lee that my family took time out of their vacation to visit him. It was good for me too. It blesses me when Lee is blessed.


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  1. Ame

    so very beautiful . . . what a precious family you have 🙂

  2. picklesncucumbers

    Sounds like you all had a nice visit and that Someone was watching over to make it happen more smoothly than it could have! 😉 That must have been wonderful for Lee to see your family….for him to know that he is still accepted and loved by them and missed very much.

    BTW, I thought they had strict visiting rules when it came to the # of visits or visitors per week. How’d you manage to get all 5 of you in to see him at once?

    Glad you’re back…you were missed! Hope you had a great time away and can’t wait to hear about it. ~ Jenn

  3. Robin

    How wonderful for you and for Lee. Is that the first time they’ve seen him since this whole thing happened?

    Looking forward to hearing how the wedding went!

  4. Barbara H.

    I am so glad the Lord worked everything out for the visit!

  5. Esther

    Praise the LORD!!!!! Our God is awesome in how He works!!! So glad that your parents and sis and brother in law got approved in time so they could all see Lee. God specializes in things thought impossible. Lizzie What a special blessing. Look forward to hearing about the wedding.

  6. Kristi from NC

    It sounds like it was a special visit!

  7. adustyframe

    Jenn, he can have up to 6 visitors on one visit.

    Robin, yes that’s the 1st time he’s seen my family since this.

    Esther, yes God worked it out so well!

  8. Friend in PA

    What a blessing…..I’m thrilled that it all worked out. Praying for you all.

  9. emilyhope

    Glad you had such a wonderful visit and that your family is there to love and support both of you.

  10. Amy

    PTL for a great visit! I’m so glad you got through so quickly and had a good time with Lee. (Oh, and I love UNO! It’s so much fun!) 😉

  11. Liza

    What a loving family you have. Yes, it’s good for Lee to be visited by them. It’s good for all…

  12. jodi

    *sniff* That was soooo wonderful to read! I’m in the library with tears in my eyes!

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