Observations from prison

by adustyframe ~ June 12th, 2007

Just some tidbits gathered from my visits to Lee.

1. In the hallway on the way to the visiting area, there is an area with photos.

They are of the prison with lightening striking, the grounds, and the guard tower at sunset.

I always snicker. As if it’s something beautiful.  They should sell postcards! (just kidding)

2. There are female guards in this men’s prison. Feminism run a muck I think.

Lee says the women guards walk right into the shower if they want to say something to the inmates.

It’s humiliating to say the least. I think it’s highly inappropriate.

3. Listening to the couples around us fighting during their visit is not pleasant.

I try to remember that they are hurting people. Unlike Lee and I most of them don’t know the Lord.  I don’t know how I’d make it without God.

4. One guard in the visiting area is a very cranky man. I pray for him. I don’t know his name. I think he outranks the other guards. Yesterday, I saw guards jump and scatter when this guard entered the room.

He seems to enjoy humiliating the inmates in front of the entire visiting room.

I absolutely know that the guards are in charge. I know there are rules that must be followed and order that must be maintained.

I just think he could do so without screaming at inmates in front of the entire room.  His actions always add an unpleasant atmosphere to the visit. It’s hard to know what will set him off.


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  1. emilyhope

    I don’t understand them having female guards in a man’s prison. They should not be able to just walk into the shower. That is very inappropriate, IMO. The guard that is so unpleasant must be a very unhappy person. Anyone that can enjoy humiliating others is not a happy camper. Some folks who have a little bit of power and/or control, like to lord it over others.

  2. Amy

    I completely disagree with having women guards at a men’s prison and especially with allowing them to walk into the showers. It is purposeful humiliation and a blatant double standard. Do you think in a million years they’d let male guards stroll into the showers in a women’s prison? How very frustrating for the inmates. I’m sorry there are guards that scream and yell there….talk about making a bad situation worse. He sounds like a bit of a bully, which can be a dangerous thing when he’s given power over others. PTL you and Lee are part of God’s family and held safe within His arms.

  3. Mrs. Nehemiah

    That female gaurds can walk in on the men is disturbing, however, the first time you fail the metal detector and need a pat-down or (more humiliating) get tagged for a random bodysearch, you will be thankful there are female gaurds there.
    in 17 years of visiting my Dad only once have I had to get patted down (I accidentally wore an underwire brasseir that day) however my Mom has been visiting for the same amount of time, and she’s had three or four random searches, as well as the standard searches of her packing when she has extended family visits.

    By the way I love your blog. I wish my Mom had someone like you to talk to/read when we were young.

    Mrs Nehemiah

  4. adustyframe

    Mrs. Nehemiah,
    BODYSEARCHES!? yuck!

    As far as I know, that doesn’t happen to visitors at this facility. There is a sign though that says entering the facility is a consent to be searched.
    I guess if they are suspicious they could search me.

    Yes, I would be thankful for a female guard then.

  5. Ame

    what an oppressive place to be. i am so thankful Lee has you … and you have Lee.

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