A surprise from Daddy

by adustyframe ~ July 18th, 2007

When we got home tonight, we found a BIG box on the porch.

It was addressed to James.

He started whooping and hollering. This boy loves his mail.

He read the return address and discovered it was from his Daddy.

He giggled and laughed and tried to tear open the box.

Mom had to help quite a bit.

“OH! It needs packing peanuts.” he said. “Be careful!”

It was a Batman toy and book. It’s actually very nice.

We’re not necessarily Batman fans. I think Lee just tried to choose something that James would enjoy.

Lee purchased this with money he saved up from his job.

The .26 an hour job.

He could have used the money to buy more comfortable shoes, or more snacks, or any number of little things to make his life a little better.

Instead he spent it on his son.

I am so blessed that Lee cares so much about us. He stays as involved as he can in our home.

James knows his Daddy is sorry he’s not home. He also knows that he is a very loved little boy.


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  1. reutersramblings

    That is so sweet. I bet your boy was all smiles. I am so glad that he is still trying to be a apart of the family and your life even being where he is. That is a blessing.

  2. PrayerSister

    How sweet of Daddy

  3. PicklesnCucumbers

    What a lucky little boy! I would have loved to see the smile on the kiddo’s face when he saw it was from his Daddy. And God bless Lee for all the work he did to buy it!

  4. Mikki

    What a precious gift. I’m sure just the memory of it will be more special then the gift itself!! Have a beautiful day!

  5. Heather

    Aww… now that just warms my heart!

  6. Chel

    How groovy! Congrats to James.

  7. anonymom


  8. Amy

    Awww, that is the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard. You and James are so blessed to have such a thoughtful husband and father.

  9. Ame

    that is so awesome … for all of you 🙂

  10. adustyframe

    🙂 thank you all for sharing in our excitement:)

  11. Mrs. Nehemiah

    True love is extravagant!

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