Amusement break

by adustyframe ~ July 26th, 2007

Last night, on the way home, James said quite seriously,

“I did not know that they had electricity in World War II.”

I said, “You didn’t!”

He said, “No. I didn’t think it was invented until 1988.”

I guess 1988 was sooooo long ago!

I told him that it was discovered in the 17oo’s (I better check my facts.)

He said, “Whoa! I was way off.”

I tried very hard not to laugh at him because he was being very serious.

So sweet.


4 Thoughts Shared to Amusement break

  1. LeftCoastOnlooker

    We’re both laughing! We love it!!!

  2. Amy

    lol that’s funny!

  3. PicklesnCucumbers

    I can’t stop laughing at that one! He must think we’re reeeeaaally old! LOL 😉

  4. Ame


    gosh … we are sooo dated by our kids, aren’t we!!!

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