Introduction to Forgiveness You can’t Live without it study Notes #2

by adustyframe ~ July 29th, 2007

*More notes from the forgiveness study at camp.

Let’s start with us

1. What do you know (or think you know) about forgiveness?


2. Where did you learn what you know?

Question: How much do you trust what you know about forgiveness to really serve you well in life?

Popular ideas on forgiveness

*Forgiveness means “it never happened”

*Lack of forgiveness causes illness (or other problems)

*One must just “forgive and forget” or forget without forgiving.

No! There are real hurts and real wrongs.

*One can’t forgive someone who has not asked for forgiveness

yes and no

*”Cheap” forgiveness lacks a proper heart commitment and leaves the situation unsettled.

-“let’s just get it over with”

Question: How Biblical are these ideas?

Dictionary Definition

Forgiveness: The act of forgiving

Forgive: 1a to give up resentment of or a claim to requital for and insult. b. to grant relief of a debt

2. to cease to feel resentment against an offender: PARDON (forgive one’s enemies): to grant forgiveness.

Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary

Theological Definition

Forgiveness is the legal act of God whereby He removes the charges that were held against the sinner because proper satisfaction or atonement for those sins has been made. (emphasis added). There are several Greek words used to describe forgiveness. One is charizomai, which is related to the word grace and means “to forgive out of grace.” It is used of cancellation of a debt (Col. 2:13). The context emphasizes that our debts were nailed to the cross, with Christ’s atonement freely forgiving the sins that were charged against us. (Moody Handbook of Theology)

Phrases to discuss (or think about)

Because proper satisfaction or atonement for those sins has been made.”

“to forgive out of grace”


**hang in there! Much more to follow including some explanations of Biblical forgiveness and refutation of “popular ideas” on forgiveness.

Think about the questions and phrases to discuss. How about discussing them here?


3 Thoughts Shared to Introduction to Forgiveness You can’t Live without it study Notes #2

  1. Barbara H.

    These are so good — thanks for sharing.

  2. Ame

    wow … i’ve really worked and worked and worked through forgiveness on many levels. the very best book i’ve read is Forgiving the Unforgivable by Dr. David Stoop – probably the most excellent book out there, especially for deeply serious stuff like sexual abuse, abuse on any level, intentional death on any level, unfaithfulness, etc.

    forgiveness is giving up your right … to get even.

    trust and forgiveness and repentance and reconciliation are all totally different things. sometimes they go together, but that does not make them equal.

    forgiveness is for you and between you and God. sometimes it includes the person you are forgiving and sometimes it doesn’t.

    trust and forgiveness are never equal and should never be anywhere close to each other when working through forgiveness.

    forgiveness takes time. the general “rule” is the deeper the offense, the longer the time needed to forgive. it is not bad or wrong that it takes time to work through forgiving someone – it is wise to take time and thoroughly work through forgiveness … granted you don’t quit in the middle.

    forgiveness is freeing.

    forgiving another guarantees you nothing. forgiveness is a gift that may or may not be accepted and/or received.

    forgiveness does not require confrontation. there are times when it is unwise and/or unsafe to confront someone who has created a need for forgiveness.

    trust takes time and must be earned. it is unwise to give trust freely.

    forgiveness does not equal free from anger. there can still be anger with forgiveness … anger is an emotion that signals something else. but, God tells us to get rid of anger … not to *not* be angry. when anger comes, we need to discern why, work through that, and release it to God. we cannot hold onto anger. we must work through it. sometimes that takes a long time, too.

    i was able to forgive my ex for sleeping with prostitutes long before i was able to work through the anger. i was able to forgive my dad for sexually abusing me long before i worked through all the anger.

    yet, i believe that once worked through, the release of the anger to God brings another level of freedom.

    sometimes there will never be repentance or reconcilliation. we are not responsible for the choices of another; we are only called to be at peace with others so far as it depends on us … not at all costs.

    great topic … VERY misunderstood.

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