Homeschooling in the Hard times

by adustyframe ~ July 30th, 2007

I am doing some research and am wondering if you’d help me.

If you have homeschooled when life is tough, would you be willing to answer a questionnaire for me?

I have written some questions that I wonder about and that I know others have had to deal with.

If it’s not you but a friend could you do me a favor and email them this link or my email address?

I am thinking along the lines of illness, or a death in the family, miscarriage, caring for an elderly parent. Anything like that that adds stress to your home and family and yet you still homeschooled.

You could have done this many years ago or recently. It could have been for a short period of time or a long one. You don’t even have to be currently homeschooling but you did in the past during a difficult time.

In any case, I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Please email me at or leave a comment here for me with your email address letting me know you’d like the questionnaire.

Thank you.


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  1. To Know Him

    No bugging here… I am glad that I read this post. I so need to take the time and learn to sit at Jesus feet. You are doing the thing (Worship) that will never be taken from you.. Blessings..

  2. Patricia

    I’ve been homeschooling for 22 years and have continued to do so through several difficult times. I’d be more than happy to answer your questionnaire.

  3. Karen

    I can answer your questionnaire.
    Since I started homeschooling, I have had to go to work part time; went thru the illness and death of my father in law; and I had a miscarriage. I was unable to leave the couch for 6 weeks after the miscarriage.

  4. Sheryl Chudley

    Hi there, I would be willing to answer your questionnaire

  5. Heather

    Been through a lot in the last couple years–family deaths, caring for ailing family members, and illnesses and have homeschooled through it, would be willing to answer. Also am having a contest you may or may not be interested in this week.

  6. Carolyn

    I have homeschooled for about 17 years and have about 11 more to go. About 14 years ago our oldest daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and throughout the course of her treatment (two years) we continued to homeschool.

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  8. Kathy F.

    I’ll answer your questionnaire, too. Just completed our fifth year of homeschooling, but our VERY FIRST YEAR, I broke my mid-foot – spent 4 months in a wheelchair (most of that in bed with my foot elevated), two surgeries to put my foot back together. We homeschooled from my bed…me flat on my back, and my 4th grader sitting beside me with her books spread out. What a stressful year! But we made it!

  9. Sheri

    I continued homeschooling while my husband was in a combat zone, and when 5 of his teammates died. At that time we were dealing with the wives of the KIA, the media, memorials, and funerals, and the realization that our husbands would not be coming home for another 4 months. I’d be happy to help out.

  10. mel

    Hello. I just found your site. I have some archive exploring to do. If you still need people for your questionnaire, I volunteer. This past year was our first year homeschooling. My step-father passed away two months ago. The kids were very close with their grandfather. It has been hard, but we have kept on. Let me know if you need me. 🙂

  11. Theresa

    We are starting our 19th year of homeschooling and have been involved in numerous “hard times”. I would be happy to answer your questionnaire.

  12. Lisa

    sign me up

  13. Tami

    I can answer your questionnaire, too. I have definitely homeschooled through some hard times. I have an ebook about it as well.


  14. Sherri

    HI I can answer your questionnaire also. We have homeschooled for 15 years. Thru many hard times, many adoptions, and my dh suffering a spinal cord injury leaving him a parapalegic.

  15. Nancy-The Unlikely Homesteader

    If it will help, I can answer your questions too. I’ve homeschooled through a difficult pregnancy, others living in our home, major family drama, and a chronic illness. It’s no piece of cake, but God has taught me so much through it all.

  16. TC

    I can also answer your questionnaire. Three of my 4 children were found to be “special needs” (some physical disabilities, some learning disabilities) after we started schooling; my husband suffered a life-changing accident, spent 9 weeks in the ICU/rehab, and 9 months out of work; I was diagnosed with cancer within a week of my mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

  17. Diane Homeschool_Mom

    Willing to fill out your questionnaire, too!

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