Preparation revisited

by adustyframe ~ August 11th, 2007

Earlier, I wrote about preparing fabric for a project.

Here is the finished project. I just finished it this morning and carried it tonight.

My friend that took us to the baseball game said, “WOW! That is cute. You’re going to get a lot of compliments on that.”

She doesn’t even like cute country things. I told her I was shocked she said she liked it.

dscf2435.jpg dscf2433.jpgdscf2437.jpgdscf2438.jpg

(click photos to enlarge) 

I figured out how to add a pocket inside, even though the pattern didn’t include that information. (Rather proud of myself! Can you tell?) 

I found the handles on an old ugly purse at the thrift store. The ugly purse was $1 which is cheaper than buying new handles! That’s my new hobby at the thrift store–looking for ugly purses with these kinds of handles.

 So, there you go! The preparation was worth the final product.

I KNOW that the preparation God is doing in our lives will be worth the final product. It will be something far more beautiful and valuable than a rag purse.



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  1. Heather

    This rocks!!!

  2. Joyful Days

    That is just fantastic a purse with a parable in the making…Hmmm…

    That is really fun.

  3. Christy

    Very cute and fun!

  4. PicklesnCucumbers

    That turned out really cute! You’re quite crafty! Thanks for sharing the photos.

  5. Susanna

    Well done 🙂

  6. Mrs. L

    Have you thought of selling these – perhaps on Ebay? I think they would do well. Perhaps that is an avenue you could use to make a little money on the side? I think the purse is lovely.

    It is encouraging to know that through your life struggles you have so many who are in your corner or who are there for you, especially a church of people who care so much. That is a huge blessing in and of itself and not one that many people have.

    I have been through some really hard life stuff myself & I will tell you, that is when you know who your friends really are – when you need them most.

    God bless, Mrs. L

  7. Mama Squirrel

    As someone said–a purse with a parable. More than lovely.

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