Narration Jar

by adustyframe ~ August 19th, 2007


Last week, I made our narration jar. I typed the following narration ideas in a big font and printed them out.

I cut each one apart and dropped them into this old Ball canning jar.

A little ribbon and a tag, and it’s ready to go.

James said he didn’t want ribbon on HIS jar. I told him it really was mine and I happen to like ribbon. Silly boy doesn’t get that thing I have about making the homeschool stuff fit into the decor of the home.

I did duplicate some of these, like “narrate to Mama” several times and others are in there fewer times.

If you have any great narration ideas I can add to the jar, please let me know!

Draw and label a map based on the reading.

Copy two important or interesting quotations from the reading.

Draw a portrait and write a short description of a person or character in the reading.

Write two important facts or events from the reading.

Tell me how someone in the reading behaved.

Find and define two new or important words from the reading.

Create a short comic strip based on the reading

Imitate an art or craft mentioned in the reading.

Give an oral narration.

Write a letter from the point-of-view of a person in the reading.

Create a poster related to the reading.

Act out events in the reading.

Draw a picture from your reading.

Set up a scene from the story with your blocks.

Model something from the story using Play-dough

Narrate into the tape recorder.

Narrate to Mama.

Write down two sentences about what you read.

Think about another story or even that reminds you of what you just read about. Tell Mama about it

Write down two sentences about what you read.

You have 10 minutes to plan a short skit from what you read.

If you were giving a test on this reading, what are three questions you would ask?

Skip the narration today.


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  1. Hope

    Ahhhh! Thanks for the link!! This is a great idea.

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  3. Blossom

    Just found a link to your post in a forum I am in (perhaps you are too??) for Ambleside Online. I love when I find people I ‘know’ in places other than where I know them from (makes sense, right? heehee).
    Love this! I think I am going to add something like “Give a poetic narration, written or spoken”.

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