Facing the Giants

by adustyframe ~ August 28th, 2007

YouTube Preview ImageOn Sunday night at church, we watched Facing the Giants.

I had heard about this movie, but really had not paid attention.

I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It’s based in a Christian school down South. The coach seems to have everything going wrong.

He begins teaching the boys that they are to live to glorify God. He tells them nothing is impossible with God.

They determine to praise God if they win and to praise God if they lose.

The teams attitudes are turned around because of the coach and a revival spreads through the school.

There were several scenes that moved me to tears.

One can be partially seen in the trailer I posted above.

The coach takes the leader of the team–a boy with a bad attitude–and places another player on his back.

He tells him to crawl to the 50 yard line blindfolded.

The boy goes all the way to the end zone. Toward the end he’s sweating and grunting and saying, “I can’t do this. This hurts. Am I to the 30 yet?”

I know how he feels. I think, “I can’t do this. I’m tired. This hurts. Are we almost done yet?”

The coach got down on his knees and crawled with him and yelled encouragement to him for the hardest part.

That’s what made me cry.

God does that for us. He is right beside us saying, “You can do this. Don’t give up. Don’t ever tell me you don’t have it in you. Nothing is impossible with me.”

When he crossed into the end zone and the coach let him know where he was, he lay in the grass taking deep breaths. All the boys had begun following him and were standing there amazed at his endurance.

The story continues with an exciting game for the State championship. I won’t give away the ending but the locker room scene where the Coach asks over and over “What is impossible with God?” and the boys say, “Nothing, Coach.” also made me cry.

Nothing is impossible with God. Nothing.

There are no impossible giants. Some of the “giants” we look at in this trial feel so big. They feel so impossible.

I needed this reminder that absolutely nothing is impossible for my God to do.

If you haven’t seen this movie you really should. Make sure you watch this. ( I can’t figure out how to embed on this site!)


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