My blessing this week

by adustyframe ~ August 31st, 2007


I have quite a few blessings, but I’ll share this one with you.

Revka at The Porch Light also designs blogs and custom headers. She emailed me a few weeks ago and asked if she could give me a blog redesign and custom header.


Apparently someone one a contest from her once and never claimed the prize. (Can you imagine?)


I had just prayed about having a nicer blog a few days before I received her email. It wasn’t a stay up all night fast and pray type of request. I just had said, “Lord, I’d like to have a nicer blog and have it represent me a little better. Maybe someday you can provide a way for me to do that.”


I didn’t think that paying for blog customization was the wisest use of my overstretched budget. God wonderfully provided my request and it didn’t cost me anything.


Revka has been a delight to work with. Especially since I’m not very computer savvy. She has done a wonderful job and I am so thankful to her and to God for working this out.


There will be a few changes and a few tweaks but from now on, I’m going to be posting over here. The entire old blog was uploaded into this one, but I will leave the old one open for awhile.




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