“This is not a massage parlor”

by adustyframe ~ September 26th, 2007

On Sunday morning, I ran to see Lee.

Sunday School is at 9:30 visiting starts at 8:00.

“Starts at 8:00” doesn’t mean start visiting at 8:00. It means the guards start processing visits at 8:00. Visits start more around 8:20 or 8:30.

So, I go for a fast visit, and leave at 9:30 to run across town and pick up James at Grandma’s and get to Sunday School just after the children are dismissed to their classes.

A great way to start a Sunday right?

Last week, I had been having horrible neck pain. It went down my arm to my elbow and wrist. My neck muscles were very very sore.

When Lee gave me a hug Sunday morning, he ran his hand across my shoulder.

“Mmm. that’s so sore.” I said.

So he gave it a quick squeeze and rub. Less than 30 seconds.

When I left, I saw the guard on duty lecturing Lee.

“Uh-oh” I thought. I wondered what we did? I thought perhaps he didn’t like that we kissed a quick smooch at the desk right before Lee had to check in?

Tonight, I asked what happened.

He said he got a lecture on how this is not a massage parlor. There was quite a bit more to it, it wasn’t a simple comment to Lee.

The thing is I truly hate public displays of affection. I don’t care for the fact that I have to kiss Lee in front of people. We don’t really do that you know? Hanging all over each other and grossing people out isn’t our style now nor has it ever been.

I know we didn’t do anything wrong. It was just the guard on duty. (Gigi and girls, if you’re reading it wasn’t THE guard. It was a different one.)

Lee said he bit his tongue so hard it actually bled. I’m sorry his tongue bled, but I’m proud of him for not speaking. It’s hard for him to not speak his mind and the fact that he’s learning to control his tongue and be respectful to the authority speaks volume to me.

Too bad he didn’t really give me a massage. If he was going to get in trouble, I should have at least had some relief from my pain right?


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  1. Jenn

    Ouch. That must have been really hard for him not to say anything.

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