Titus 2 friend to the rescue

by adustyframe ~ September 26th, 2007

(That title makes me feel like I need to cue the super hero music…..)

I called her this morning.

After I took a nap.

I said to James in a tight voice, “Mom’s going to just go lay down for a little while then we’ll have school in a bit.”

I laid down and asked God to please help me trust.

When I called my friend, I actually only wanted to know if she’d take me to the prison tomorrow.

I had decided that SOMEONE was going to take me there even if I had to impose. Even if they didn’t want to. Over my dead body was I going to miss this because of the car.

She said of course she’d take me. She also drove me across town to pick up my new glasses.

(Very low cost thanks to our state’s low income health insurance. Thank you, Lord!)

She swung by the post office for me, and then asked me to take her home and gave me her car for the rest of the day.

I was able to run out and see Lee for 1/2 hour and then I got a super cute new hair cut.

Thanks again to my Titus 2 friend. She treated me to another hair cut, just when I had prayed that I’d be able to get a hair cut before the marriage seminar.

Lee prefers my hair to have a style. I hadn’t had it cut since my brother’s wedding in May and it was getting long and straight and plain.

I hope she knows how very special she is to us and what a blessing her sharing was for me today.

The car still doesn’t start. I don’t know about the poor thing. I said I was going to get rid of it and take the subway. My Titus 2 friend wonders how I’ll do that since we don’t live in New York City. Oh well! We’ll figure something out.

Another great blessing today was in Veggie Tales. James watched that while I tried to relax and rest before starting school. It was a western one and Larry was apparently in jail. (Insert rant. I absolutely despise how often jail is on shows or cartoons as though it’s a light mater.) I cringed when I heard what was going on and I hoped it didn’t hurt James.

No, he was watching and enjoying. Then Larry I think was asked, “How can you be happy when you’re in jail?”

He said, “God is good all the time no matter what. I have to learn to be content right where I am.”

I said to James, “Well that sounds like something we needed to hear today doesn’t it?” He smiled and nodded his head “yes”.

Thanks Lord for the wonderful way you work things out. Even when situations force me to lie down and rest or I have to fight back tears. You are good and you do what is best.

Help me to rely on you completely no matter what.



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  1. Jenn

    Lee will be surprised tomorrow…cute haircut and new glasses!

    What a wonderful blessing your Titus 2 friend is.

    Still praying for an inexpensive fix for the car.

    Have a great day tomorrow!

    Thank you! I sure hope too!

  2. Lisa

    Great! I always hated veggie tales–even though the message is great they make me nuts. I admit to even throwing the “silly songs” cd out of the car one day!!! Glad there was such a good reminder from God when you both needed it. That is SUPER!

    Lol. They aren’t always my favorite and I don’t wholeheartedly recommend them. They are certainly clean at least.

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