Works for Me~tired feet

by adustyframe ~ September 26th, 2007



I put this in single parenting because I don’t get foot rubs right now!


When my feet are tired or sore, I rub them over a golf ball. It feels so good!


We have many nerve endings in our feet and we walk on them all day! No wonder they hurt sometimes. Not to mention what cute shoes do to us!


Here’s how I do it,

1. Get a golf ball and place it on carpet–or a towel if you only have wood floors.

2. Stand up –be sure you’re safe. Roll the ball under your foot.

3. Press down as much or as little as you want to. The more weight you place on your foot, the deeper the massage will be.


Sometimes, certain spots really  hurt. You can choose to just roll the ball lightly under those spots, or dig in and work on them. It’s up to your preferences.


I just know that this really helps. Then you should probably sit down and soak your feet in hot water, call the maid and room service…

Oh! I’m dreaming.




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  1. Ame


    Now I need to purchase a golf ball 😉

    Would you mind posting this on The Covering? Wait a few days as Barbie just posted something heavy … then I think this would be great out there 🙂

  2. Barbara H.

    This is a great idea. I am one of those strange people who doesn’t like to have my feet messed with at all, so a self-massage would be great.

  3. Laural

    What a great idea! I’d never thought of doing that before. I’ll definately give the golf ball foot massage a try.

  4. Esther

    Great idea! I am always needing a foot massage! 🙂

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