Works of God Weekend

by adustyframe ~ September 27th, 2007



How has God been working in your life this week?

Please share.

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This is a week that I need to hear some blessings, so please share like crazy!



4 Thoughts Shared to Works of God Weekend

  1. Lisa

    1. Patience to deal with my son’s rage last night and strength He gave to be a strong parent and enforce the consequences.
    2. The blessing of huge praise from my daughter’s teacher for her hard work.
    3. The envelope of money given me at Church that is mysteriously mostly still unspent. (Why am I a better steward of this money?)
    4. The joy of discovering new friends thru blogging and of the focus to pray for those friends.
    5. The joy of the kids agreeing wholeheartedly to do more for others this Christmas.

    Wonderful blessings:) Thanks for participating.

  2. jen

    more works of God in my life this weekend

    Isn’t it nice to see God working and being there all the time:)?

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  4. Deborah

    Very good encouragement! 🙂

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