Something I’m praying about

by adustyframe ~ September 30th, 2007

I am a very amateur photographer. I love to scrapbook and that has led to a desire to learn more about photography. I want to take interesting photos, but I know very little.

I took some very nice photos at my brother’s wedding. I took a neat shot of James that I shared with you here.

I have a lot to learn, but I am going to be practicing. I’m also praying for a much nicer camera. I have a little cheapy one and I can’t charge for photos without having a better camera (and much more knowledge).

I know that having a nice camera doesn’t make one a photographer, but I’ve received some nice encouragement lately and huge compliments on the wedding photos.

It’s become something that I am praying about. You can pray with me. If this is a door God is opening, I know he will provide a camera, time to learn, and opportunities.

Very soon, I will not be having a store. I am praying for a buyer still, but I cannot continue at this stress level any longer. Lee and I have decided that the store has to go. My desire is that God will provide a buyer.

At any rate, (long story longer! lol), I asked my employee last week, if I could practice on her baby. She said “Sure!”

James and I trekked over to her house last Monday. I took along a Moses basket, a white sheet and a piece of black felt. I took several photos and felt entirely foolish.

When I left, I felt very defeated. I thought, “What makes me think I can do this?” I didn’t think I got any good photos and I didn’t really have any great ideas for shots.

As I downloaded them, I found some treasures. Maybe, just maybe God IS calling me to this. I want to concentrate on photographing special needs children. Maybe that won’t be the only course I take, but I want these parents to have a comfortable place for their children’s photos. I also desire to capture their beauty.

This little guy’s mom gave me permission to share his photos. You can pray for him. He’s having open heart surgery on October 18th.

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  1. jen

    those are wonderful photos
    I am praying for you
    and I am also praying for the wee cutie
    My cousin had to have open heart surgery when he was a little baby almost 40 years ago
    Thank the Lord medical interventions have come a long way since then

    Thank you:)

  2. Debby

    awwww…. So adorable. very nice shots. You don’t really need a super good camera (although that will be nice), just one with better pixels, maybe a 6 to 8 pixel camera. The photos are very nice and with just a bit sharper and clearer camera, I think you can sell it! 🙂

    Just a suggestion if this works out (which I hope it does!), you can put your pictures on places like You’ll earn some money when someone uses the photos. I design web and graphics and I pull a lot of my photos from there to use. Its cheap for me ($1 per photo) so I don’t think its going to be a huge income for you, but every bit helps right? 🙂

    And if you do that, let me know! I might use your photos in my work! 😛 I’ll pray for you in this! 🙂

    Thank you, Debby for that information. Yes, my current camera doesn’t have very many pixels;) Is there a camera you suggest?

    My photographer friends suggested a Canon Rebel XTI and Nikon D 40 or D 80?;) I don’t know!
    Thanks for the other tips too.

  3. Lisa

    Lovely–especially the one with the older child and of the hands–that one would make a lovely handmade birth announcement.

    I am praying for whatever door God chooses to swing wide open so you can’t help but walk right thru. 🙂

    Thank you:)

  4. Jenn

    Oh my word, Lizzie. You made me cry! Those photos are just beautiful. And your calling to photograph special needs children absolutely touches my heart. Truly it does.

    Nearly 2 years ago I took Nick (nearly 2) and Megan (1 month old) to a portrait studio for Christmas photos. I was going to surprise my husband with portraits of the kids for his desk at work for his Christmas present.

    It was about the same time that we learned Nick was not developing normally and we were having a lot of behavior problems.

    The photo session went horribly to say the least.

    The photographer stood behind the camera and said, “I’m ready!”

    Not a single squeaky toy. Not a single helping hand. Just a very impatient “I’m ready!”

    And she left me to juggle a newborn and one very distracted and hyperactive toddler.

    We left after 30 minutes and not a single photo taken.

    I cried the whole way home.

    I would have given anything for someone who was compassionate and understanding to take our picture. Someone who understood how difficult it was for my son to do this. Someone who understood how important and meaningful a portrait of my children would be.

    I think there is definitely a calling for this, Lizzie.

    Thank you:) Your story is one I’ve heard a few times and that’s why I began to consider providing this for special needs children.

  5. Kari

    Simply beautiful.

    If your employee could use some encouragement, a dear friend’s baby boy with Downs had his open heart surgery at three and a half months in January. He is doing SO WELL now! I would be happy to help put the two mama’s in touch.

    In Christ alone,

  6. Debby

    Oh.. the Canon and Nikon ones are the top of the line professional ones… Pretty pricey, but very very very very good. I just have a Panasonic 8 megapixel point and shoot camera with a little more features. But I say look for the Canon and Nikon ones. You might be able to get cheaper used ones. Don’t worry, if this is what the Lord wants for you, the camera will practically fall into your hands. He’s just that awesome! 😛

    Thanks, Debby!:) My friends ARE photographers and they have even nicer cameras;) So they probably think those aren’t super nice know what I mean?
    I definitely need some more features–one for action shots (babies!), and more MP;)
    Thanks again!

  7. Kristi

    The photos were beautiful! What a sweetheart :). One of my sons has Down syndrome, also. He had open heart surgery when he was four months old a few years ago. You never forget what it is like. Praise God, he has no heart problems anymore!

    Thank you, Kristi. What a praise report to hear you son is doing well!

  8. Lady Why

    You are an excellent photographer!! Those pictures are fabulous!! I’ll be praying for direction for you as you consider what you can do with this. I’m an amateur photographer myself and I love to look at interesting baby poses. Thank you for sharing them!!

    Thank you, Lady Why:) You made my morning.

  9. Dana

    Oh he is beautiful. What is about Down Syndrome children that is so drawing? I love to watch them and be around them.

  10. GIGI

    These photos are truly beautiful! I’m thinking the Lord has given you talents you don’t even know about yet! The door you speak of might be just starting to open…and it looks as though your foot is in it! My prayers are with you also and if anyone deserves to have them answered it’s you, so hang in there.

    Thank you:)

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