Works of God Weekend

by adustyframe ~ September 30th, 2007


Well, one of my blessings from the week was of course being able to spend an entire day with my husband.

Then on Friday, the washing machine arrived! It was such a blessing to be able to throw laundry in without packing it up, measuring detergent into a ziploc, gathering a child, purse, keys, quarters and driving.

Our house was fairly busy on Friday. Every time I’d get school started, someone would come over. The car was being checked, the washer unloaded, the old washer out to the garage, the car being looked at again, the phone ringing to let me know someone was on the way over.

I was actually feeling overwhelmed and wondered why is it that on a day I was being so blessed I felt overwhelmed too?

Sometimes, I think the magnitude of God working in our lives can be too much to handle all at once. It takes time to sit down and soak it in and process it all.

The car problem was the fuel pump. It was paid for and replaced at no cost to me.

God is so good to enable others to help and provide.

I am so very thankful and I try to express that to those who help me. I hope that God blesses them for the time and money they give to us. I hope they know how very blessed we are for their ministering to us.

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4 Thoughts Shared to Works of God Weekend

  1. Beth

    We are so happy to hear that you again have a washing machine and your car is working.
    God is so GOOOOOOD!!!!!

  2. Jen

    It certainly does feel that way many times in the middle of blessings!! I’m happy for all the blessings you received and especially the blessings you realized once there was time to process it all!! 🙂 I love you blog, but I think this is the first time that I have left a comment. Have another blessed week. Jen

  3. jen

    wow!!! a whole day hope you enjoyed yourselves

    yaye for the washing machine
    so much easier isnt it

    Praise the Lord for your car getting fixed up and not costing you a cent

    bless those that help and support us

  4. adustyframe

    Thank you all:)
    God is good!

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