More resources for inmates and their children

by adustyframe ~ October 11th, 2007

Of course you understand that this is very dear to my heart. I am always blessed when I hear about Christian ministries with resources for incarcerated fathers and their children.

I wrote awhile ago about Malachi Dads from AWANA. I emailed AWANA as soon as I read about the program. Just tonight I received a response. She also pointed me to Child Evangelism Fellowship’s program for incarcerated parents and their children.

I found this book that I may pre-read and see if it appears a resource I can use with James.

As I read the fast facts and the synopsis of the book, the ever present tears burned the back of my eyes. It is a wonderful blessing to find ministries that care deeply about these children and their Daddies.

Every time, I find a resource or ministry geared toward precious people like Lee and James I cry.

I cry because our hurts are ever present. I cry because there are people who don’t know the Lord who are hurting so much worse than we are.

I cry because I am so blessed to know that there are people ministering to the “least of these”.

What a blessing to find people willing to reach out and touch those who need so much and have so little to give.


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  1. Ame


    And I love the spa post 🙂

    Would you consider posting this on TheCovering?

  2. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing this. I’m getting our project ready and we will have at least one speaker. I’ll look into these groups in case we could have a 2nd speaker.

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