We had a fun day

by adustyframe ~ October 12th, 2007

This week, I was inspired by this blog post encouraging us to cherish our children.

I cherish James very much as I’m sure you cherish your babies. He is almost always with me and I love having him around, but I often have much to do. He and I are together and interacting, but I don’t always have time to stop and just do things “for fun” with him.

I decided Wednesday night to declare Thursday fun day.

I let James sleep as long as he wanted. He woke up at 9:20.

I asked him what he’d  like for breakfast. He chose waffles.

We made waffles and enjoyed them together. We did lots of chatting.

I made extras to put in the freezer and we played a game while the extra waffles cooked.

Then he asked if we could play this game. We found it at the thrift store for .50 this summer. The directions were a bit mind boggling so I put it away and told him we’d figure it out “one of these days”.

I said, “Of course. Today is fun day.”

Once we finally knew how to play it was a lot of fun.

The next plan was to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie before going to work, but it was quite a bit later than I thought it would be. So I got ready for work and he watched a movie.

He talked me into an ice cream treat too. “Since it’s fun day.”

Throughout the fun day, I was a little worried that we didn’t get Thursday’s school work done.

Today, due to our fun and relaxation of yesterday, we breezed through both days of work.

I highly recommend fun day to you! Next time, we’re doing it on our whole day off so Mom can watch a movie too.


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