Oh No!

by adustyframe ~ October 27th, 2007

One day I went to visit Lee at the prison.

There was a friendly guy in line with me and we chatted. He asked if I lived in town. I said I did. He said he was visiting his son and asked who I was visiting. I said my husband.

I wasn’t really thinking. I have to remember that everyone that’s visiting the prison may not be like me. (No drugs, not in trouble, etc). I happen to be slightly trusting!

When the officer called Lee’s unit, he said quite loudly “Lee Norris has a visit.”

I cringed. Oops! I had told that man behind me that I lived in town here and  that I was visiting my husband. Now the guard had supplied my husband’s name. (**Lee Norris is not his real name by the way! Just the one I use here.)

Looking up  Lee’s name in the phone book would take only a fraction of time and my address could easily be found. The man had to know that my husband wasn’t home to protect me.

I felt sick that I had been so careless. I prayed that the Lord would just watch over us and help me to remember to not drop information so easily.

I cleared the metal detector and so did the man behind me. I hurried up the walk to the visiting room and the man behind me caught up with me and tried to walk with me chatting all the way.

Oh man! I felt so ridiculous that I had made this mistake. He didn’t do anything inappropriate and he never showed up at my house.  But what a reminder to me to watch my p’s an q’s. It was also a reminder to me that this life I’m living right now is so far removed from anything I’m used to.

Usually chatting with a person in line is acceptable and safe. Not too bright at the prison though.


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  1. Heather

    I have done things like that before. (((HUGS)))

    Ok! I’m glad I’m not the only one;)!

  2. Pam

    I pray that the love and the blood of Christ will form a hedge of protection around you and that you will take comfort in knowing that the protection is there for you. Pam, South Bend

    Thank you, Pam. The prayers of my new friends I’ve found here are such a blessing.

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