Wonder Woman

by adustyframe ~ October 30th, 2007


Here are my Wonder Woman nominees.

In all actuality, all you mothers and virtuous women deserve this!

Ame at Amexpression. She’s a super encouragement to me and she’s a single mom doing her best every day. She is the brains behind The Covering for Single Parents.

Janean at JD’s Daze  She’s studying to be a midwife, has been through  much of what we are living through this very moment, AND to top it all off has lost a huge amount of weight. She often stops by here to encourage me and share her thoughts. I appreciate her a lot.

Lisa at HopewellMomSchool she’s another single mom working so hard to do what’s right for her children. I am thankful for her kindness and encouragement. She’s my Angel Tree girl and I’m so glad she’s picked up a ministry that for obvious reasons is dear to my heart.

Barbie deserves it too. She’s another contributor to The Covering. Are you noticing a theme yet? Yep single moms deserve this recognition so much.

I think I could list quite a few more single moms, but this single mom must get her still recuperating body to bed. Seriously though, I used to think that being a single mom must be hard.

Let me just say that you cannot even begin to imagine what it’s like and trust me you don’t want to know.  I hear many many people say, “I’m just like a single mom.” It reminds me of a childless woman saying, “I’m just like a pregnant woman ’cause my back hurts. Alrighty then, huh?

So to all the single moms, I listed, consider this a hug and a high five. Good job.


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  1. Ame



    I’m … ummm … well … thank you 🙂

  2. Lisa

    Wow! Thank you!

  3. Jenn

    High Five! Congrats girls!

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